Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homeowner's Rehab- Main Office

Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI) is a non-profit founded in 1972, whose main goal is the development of affordable housing in the city of Cambridge.  HRI has shifted its focus from homeownership to include rental properties as a means to create new opportunities for households that cannot compete in Cambridge’s housing market. HRI’s continuing mission is to provide safe, affordable, decent, and sustainable housing and has a portfolio of over 1,500 units to accomplish this task.

HRI's main office, located in Cambridge's Central Square, selected artwork in order to enhance their space for clients who visit to meet with staff or to apply for housing. Many of these new applicants are in the midst of a foreclosure or similar challenges that compromise a sound living situation.  All donated artwork hangs in the entrance, in hallways, in the Foreclosure Prevention office, and in the office of the Resident Service Coordinator. To learn more about HRI, please visit www.homeownersrehab.org

Artists: Angelil, Di Nunzio, Hodes, KAVO Studio, Olds, Peterson, Rubin, Deena Schnitman, Stewart, Ansayre


Art Placements: 2000, 2011

CASPAR, Inc. has been providing direct service to adults and youth confronting alcoholism and addiction for over 40 years.  In 2000, the agency received 12 works for their Cambridge and Somerville alcoholism and drug rehabilitation. In 2011, the employment program center for newly sober clients 18 years of age and older wishing to reenter the workforce received 21 works to display for their clients. The Employment Center staff assists clients hone their job-readiness skills by helping to develop a job search plan, providing employment counseling, hosting workshops, offering cover letter and résumé critiques, and organizing networking groups. CASPAR’s clients include those with little to no employment experience as well as those with extensive work histories.  They are people who identify as GLBTQ, the homeless and unstably housed, veterans, ex-offenders, those living with HIV or AIDS and others.  Within their first year in operation, they have served roughly 500 clients.  Clients and staff will enjoy donated art in the drop-in and telephone conference centers, the computer lab, the group meeting rooms, counseling room, and employment service offices where one-on-one assistance is provided.

Artists: Alia Aly, Ken Beck, Carole Bolsey, Prilla Smith Brackett, JoAnne Chittick, Marian Dioguardi, Joan Dance (donated by Harriet Finkelstein), Linda Fisher, Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Frances K. Grossman, Faith Hyde, David Kupferman, Diana Lemieux, Carolyn Muskat, Hiroko Okahashi, Eva Moseley, Mike Ritter, Cora Roth, Jo Ann Rothschild, Janet Shapero, Nicole Siggins, Anne Silber, Maria Termini, Cassandra Tondro

Roxbury Community College

Roxbury Community College is a comprehensive, urban, student-centered, open-access community college providing higher learning opportunities including degree and certificate programs as well as courses for career advancement and personal investment for all who may benefit. Over half of the enrolled student body comes from low-income households.  The primary mission of the College is to serve the needs of a diverse Greater Roxbury area and the surrounding Boston metropolitan communities. The college received art from The Art Connection in 2005, all of which was placed in the campus library.  In 2012 artwork was placed throughout the Administration Building in the academic affairs, enrollment, and registration areas, as well as in the Academic Building near the bookstore, group study rooms, language labs, and Multicultural Institute. The 2013 placement was the third and final placement at the school where artwork was selected for the finance office, the student center, and in the corridors on two floors of the Academic Building near the Heath Science, Information Technology, Science, and Business Technology classrooms. All artwork is secured in highly visible areas as a source of inspiration, stimulation, and hope.  For more information about Roxbury Community College, visit http://www.rcc.mass.edu/

Adria Arch, Small Worlds 1, Acrylic on paper, 12"x11"
Dorothy Arnold, Refraction I, Mixed media on canvas, 2000, 20"x80"

Julie Baer, Monarch, Mixed media gouache on wood, 2003, 12"x12"

Julie Baer, Mockingbird, Mixed media gouache on wood, 2000, 19"x14"

Ken Beck, Cake Pan, Lithograph, 12"x16"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Magical Visions: Li River #8, Waterbased carborundum collograph, 2005

Rebecca Brown, Street Sweeper (China), Photograph, 2007, 15"x12"

Rick Tunkel, Kite, Collage handmade paper, 1988, 14"x14"
Donated by Timothy Burgers

Jessica Burko, Reflection, Inkjet print, 2005, 17"x21"

Iris Constantine Carr, Sunset at Brookfield, Oil, 12"x16"
Donated by Geoff Carr

Irma Cerese, Intervale #1, Acrylic, 1982, 36"x54"

Irma Cerese, Capriccio/Schwelm, Acrylic collage, 2005, 12"x12"

Unknown Artist, Unknown (leaves), Watercolor, 12"x16"
Donated Anonymously

Susan Collings, Seeing Double, Photograph, 2005, 15"x18"
Harold Altman, Passante II & Montsouris, Intaglio, 1975, 18"x26" each
Donated by the 
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum's Corporate Program

Caroline Di Nunzio, Erice, Mixed media, 33"x30"

Eleanor Elkin, On/Off, Handwoven tapestry, 2008, 12"x14"

Laura Evans, Storyteller, Mixed media on paper, 1990, 45"x32"

Phyllis Ewen, In Situ #2, Woodcut monoprint, 1996, 30"x22"

Reginald Gee, When We Consider, Craypas on paper, 17"x18"
Donated by 
Harriet Finkelstein

Mose Tolliver, Untitled, Acrylic on found wood, 15"x24"
Donated by Harriet Finkelstein
Mary Tillman Smith, Untitled, Paint on tin, 36"x15"
Donated by Harriet Finkelstein

Edward Glannon, Woods in Autumn, Watercolor, 1968, 14"x21"
Donated by Thomas Glannon and Patricia Wiley

Edward Glannon, Sand Dune, White Cloud, Oil, 1958, 10"x12"
Donated by Edward Glannon and Patricia Wiley

Berta Golahny, Bird-Man, Wood engraving, 12"x9"

Jack S. Goldstein, Birds-Kenya, Photograph, 1966, 13"x14"
Donated by Nita Goldstein

Gretchen Ann Graham, Window of Opportunity. Boston, MARC archival silver gelatin print, 2005, 14"x11"

Dorothy Uhlig Green, Introspective, Oil, 26"x21"

Frances K. Grossman, The Road Out, Oil on canvas, 1999, 18"x24"

John Guthrie, Rhino, Acrylic on paper, 2001, 30"x22"

Suzanne Hodes, Dark Wall, Oil & mixed media, 1990, 30"x40"

Faith Hyde, Evening, Mixed media on paper, 2006, 11"x11"

Pom Pom on Commonwealth, Mixed media on paper, 2009, 11"x11"

Today, Mixed media on paper, 2009, 11"x11"

Running, Mixed media on paper, 2009, 11"x11"

Out Front, Mixed media on paper, 2011, 12"x12"

Wandering, Mixed media on paper, 2011, 12"x12"

Sidney Hurwitz, Horse Men, Colored woodcut, 24"x24"
Donated by June and Arnold Judson

Eva Kaniasty, Heart I, Photograph, 2012, 17"x13"

Steve Klarer, Not a Nautilis 2, Digital print, 2009, 11"x11"

Bette Frank Leahy, Flowers and Stars, Quilted fabric, 2005, 30"x27"

Judith Liberman, (City of) Acre Reflection (#401), Acrylic, 1978, 9"x12"
Judith Liberman, Small Landscape #1, Acrylic, 1980, 6"x9"

Judith Liberman, Small Landscape #4, Acrylic, 1980, 6"x9"

Anonymous, Untitled (Three Adults & Child), Oil, 28"x22"
Donated by Hans and Herta Loeser

Chalda Maloff, Rose Quartz, Digital painting, 2009, 10"x14"

Julie Angela Theresa, Bulls Eye, Oil on paper and canvas, 2007, 36"x36"

Leslie Miller, Hingham Marsh, Oil, 1988, 16"x20"

Cynthia Nartonis, Shadows #2, Silkscreen, 1980, 11"x10"

Cynthia Nartonis, Shadows #1, Silkscreen, 1980, 11"x10"

Karen Ann Victoria O’Brien (KAVO Studio), Jamaica Pond Color Memory MosaicAcrylic on canvas, 24"x48"

Henry Olds, Fall Reflection 2012, Photographic montage print, 2012, 13"x19"

Mark Peterson, Orange Montage, Photograph, 2009, 25"x35"

Hope Ricciardi, Puzzle, Oil on canvas, 2009, 30"x30"

Michael Rizzo, Man in Shabeen, Joburg, Photograph, 2010, 15"x15"

Aaron Fink, Glass of Water & Lemon, Oil on canvas, 1988, 7'x5'
Donated by Stephen Rosenfeld

Jo Ann Rothschild, In The Book of Life, Mixed media on canvas, 1999, 92"x136"

Jo Ann Rothschild, Untitled, Oil on linen, 2003, 14"x18"

Eleanor Rubin, Path: Sky/Ground, Woodcut-monoprint, 1986, 26"x38"

Susan Schwalb, Study #12, Acrylic, gold leaf on wood, 1997, 8"x10"

Susan Schwalb, Indian Corn, Watercolor, ink on paper, 1973, 18"x24"
Anne Silber, Blue Creamer, Serigraph, 1986, 33"x21"

Anne Silber, Stargazers, Serigraph, 1987, 30"x17"

Anne Silber, Persimmon in a Black Bowl, Serigraph, 1993, 26"x20"

Anne Silber, Foreign Intrigue, Serigraph, 1988, 18"x24"

Durlabh Singh, Woman With Jug, Oil on paper, 1985, 15"x10"

George Simian, Parades, Photograph, 1993, 11"x34"
Donated anonymously

Ellen Sperling, Survivor, Steel, branches, & paper, 1991, 90"x76"x42"

Tova Speter, Spring Flowers, Acrylic latex on found wood, 2006, 11"x14"

Maria Termini, Three Leaves, Silkscreen, 23"x35"

Bobby Vilinsky, "Dancing With Gravity" Installation, Carbon steel wire, 2003, 11'x22'x7'

Nancy Webb, Queen Anne's Lace, Woodcut on mulberry paper, 2000, 45"x13"

Nancy Webb, Wellfleet Grasses, Woodcut on mulberry paper, 2000, 46"x11"

Ginny Zanger, Gold Lit Forest, Carborundum monoprint, 2009, 15"x20"

Abby R. Zonies, Still Life with Pink Flower, Oil, 2002, 58"x52"