Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spectrum Health Systems

Art Placements: 2010

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc.
Spectrum Health Systems is a nonprofit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider caring for over 20,000 individuals annually. Their Women’s and Children’s Center in Westborough is designed to serve pregnant and post-partum women experiencing problems with alcohol and other drugs. Children up to the age of five may live with their mothers at the facility and gives women the opportunity to pursue treatment while maintaining custody of their kids as they attempt to turn their lives around with proper treatment and compassionate care. Donated art will hang in entry, great room, daycare, hallways, lounges, and other community spaces to benefit to the feelings of self worth and self confidence the women need to break their cycle of addiction. With some families living at the program for up to a year, the artwork will create an environment that encourages their full potential.

For more information, please visit: www.spectrumhealthsystems.org

Artists: Berry, Smith Brackett, Hungate, Kupferman, Makin, McGregor-Radin, Merritt, Moss, O'Brien, Sanborn, Schwalb, Shapero, Silverman, Warburg, Zimmermann

Hope House

Art Placements: 2009, 2010

About Hope House
Hope House is an 80-bed non-profit residential treatment program for male alcoholics and substance abusers in need of help and willing to commit to recovery. Their mission is to provide effective treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse in safe, secure, community based living. Clients learn skills necessary to live a substance free life, obtain gainful employment, return to their families, and become productive members of their community. Hope House may be the first “home” these men have had in some time as they often transition from prison, homeless shelters, or the street. They recently moved to a brand new building in Roxbury that will serve as their new “home” thanks to your artwork. The donated art will hang in their common spaces, meeting rooms, and hallways to contribute to creating that feeling of home needed in such a large building.

For more information, please visit: www.hopehouseboston.org

Artists: Beck, Borchard, Burko, Dioguardi, Dworkis, Fish, Ginsberg-Place, Grossman, Guthrie, Hodes, Klarer, Korzenik, Krueger, Lewis, Maisel, Marlow, Muskat, Odam, Pumphrey, Pechinski, Putterman, Ritter, Rothschild, Silverman, Smith, Shapero, Tondro, Tull

Cambridge Health Alliance - Assembly Square

Art Placements: 2010

Cambridge Health Alliance - Assembly Square
Cambridge Health Alliance in Assembly Square boasts an outpatient Physical Therapy clinic serving a largely underrepresented, multicultural population, wide a wide variety of disabilities, injuries, and psychosocial obstacles. They strive to provide a positive and motivating environment for their clientele and provide services to everyone regardless of insurance. Donated art will hang in the entry, waiting area, kids’ area, and treatment bays to enhance the experiences of their patient community with original art.

For more information, please visit: www.challiance.org

Artists: Kontoff Baker, Barylick, Evans, Fitzpatrick, Goldstein, Grossman, Hodes, Kupferman, Lianko, Rizzo, Roth, Greene, Stutman, Termini, Tull, Sayre Wiseman