Thursday, April 14, 2011

United Residents in Academy Homes II

Art Placements: 2007 and 2011

United Residents in Academy Homes II
United Residents in Academy Homes (URIAH) is a development community for low-income residents located in Roxbury. Just five years ago, URIAH struggled with problems of gang crime and violence but today--with beautiful new townhouses replacing the old development--the community is working to improve the standard of living for all residents. The donated artwork will hang in the Community Building for young and old alike to enjoy and the pieces will help inspire individuals to change their life for the better and perhaps learn about the artist inside them as well.

Artists: Baker, Bell, Bowers, Castro, Feldman, Fisher, Gehring, Levart, Hause, Borsi, Hughes, Hungate, Hyde, Klarer, Makin, Miller-Havens, Muskat, Olds, Putterman, Jean Odam, Revett, Rizzo, Weiman, Wishnok

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cambridge Health Alliance- Whidden Hospital

Art Placements: 2009, 2010, 2011

Cambridge Health Alliance - Whidden Hospital
Whidden Hospital is a part of the Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA), an integrated health system serving Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston’s metro-north communities. The donated artwork will decorate the hospital’s recently opened outpatient cardiac and pulmonary areas, providing both patients and doctors with an inviting space that spurs conversation and inspires joy. As a community based hospital, the fact that the pieces are all done by local artists will add a special dimension for families and patients, making their wait-time at the hospital much more pleasurable.

Artists: Bird, Borchard, Bradford, Chandler, Cook, Gilman, Hodes, Hungate, Ingram, Kupferman, Lianko, Makin, Monacelli, Schwalb, Shapero, Silber, Slowik, Speter, Termini, Tondro, Warburg

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shattuck Hospital

Art Placements: 2010

Shattuck Hospital
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital delivers compassionate medical and psychiatric care to patients requiring multi-disciplinary treatment and support which promotes their health, well-being, rehabilitation and recovery. This art placement, displayed for all on the hospital campus to enjoy, will help lift staff and patient morale while also adding some much needed color, creativity, and artistic expression to the hospital as it strives to continuously improve the quality of life for everyone who comes through its doors.

Artists: Barylick, Bolsey, Goldstein, Grossman, Kardell, Klarer, Kupferman, Makin, Putterman, Roth, Safarikova, Silber, Termini