Friday, October 9, 2015

Geneva Avenue Elderly Housing

Geneva Avenue Elderly Housing is located in Four Corners, Dorchester.  The development of 45 one-bedroom units for low-income seniors is sponsored by the Action for Boston Community Development. The management offers access to community services, activities, and information. The 45 residents have welcomed the addition of original works of art as part of their daily lives. The building was recently renovated and the artwork has enhanced the bare walls, transforming common spaces of the building to feel more like home. Artwork now hangs in the lobby, community room, hallways and in the elevator lobby of all five residential floors.

For more information about Maloney Properties, Geneva Avenue Elderly Housing's management team, visit

David Barnes, Industry, Color photographic print, 2014, 16"x20"
David Barnes, Hollow, Color photographic print, 2014, 16"x20"

Roberto "Zach" Castro, Lost in the Forest, Oil paint on canvas, 2007, 40"x28"

Carmela Cattuti, Venice, Oil on decorative paper, 2001, 36"x42"

Deborah Clearman, Early Spring, Silkscreen, 1982, 20"x16"

Betsy Chadwick, Mummichog, Newfoundland, Oil on canvas, 1987, 9"x12"
Donated by: Deborah Clearman

Betsy Chadwick, Rose Blanch, Newfoundland, Oil on canvas, 1987, 9"x12"
Donated by: Deborah Clearman

Susan C. Collings, Crown, Photograph, 2013, 10"x8"

Elisabeth S. Davis, Thistles, Oil/acrylic on canvas board,  24"x18"
Donated by: Betsy A. Davis

Edward Glannon, River at Sunset, Watercolor,  22"x29"
Donated by: Thomas Glannon & Patricia Wiley

JoAnne Hungate, Three Iris, Watercolor monotype , 17"x18"

JoAnne Hungate, Anemona II, Watercolor monotype, 9"x13"

David Kupferman, HF9-8, Acrylic on paper, 26''x40''

David Kupferman, David Kupferman, JD7-10, Acrylic on paper, 22"x30"

Bette Frank Leahy, Path Through the Trees, Oil on canvas, 2002, 20"x18"

Susan Makin, Begonias, Watercolor on paper, 1998, 21"x15"/22"x17"

Leslie Miller, Great Meadows, Oil, 24"x30"

Shaari Neretin, Flowers in a Paper Bag, Giclee print, 2004, 31"x23"

Coleman Rogers, Fall Colors, B&W Film Exposure, Silver Gelatin Print, 2010, 27"x23"

Susan Schwalb, Cosmic Rising #2, Metallic leaf, mica powder, acrylic on canvas, 1996, 36"x40"

Robert Scott, Bubbles, Digital photograph, 2010, 18"x21"

Ellen Stutman, Longwood Beeches #1, Watercolor, 1996, 11"x15"

Ellen Stutman, Longwood Beeches #2, Watercolor, 1996, 11"x15"

Ellen Stutman, Longwood Beeches #3, Watercolor, 1996, 11"x15"

Ellen Stutman, Longwood Beeches #4, Watercolor, 1996, 11"x 15"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 6, Monoprint, 20"x16"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 7, Monoprint, 20"x16" 
Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 9, Monoprint, 16"x20"

Bay Cove- Safety Net Outreach

Bay Cove's mission is to improve the quality of the lives of individuals and their families who face the challenge of developmental disabilities, aging, mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction. They have 160 centers throughout the Commonwealth. This art donation is for Bay Cove’s Safety Net Outreach center in Roxbury. Safety Net Outreach works with individuals who have psychiatric disabilities and either do not want or will not engage in full Community Based Flexible Supports services but are in need of short-term support during distress or a crisis. Safety Net Outreach meets the needs of 200 Bostonians living on their own who need intermittent support quickly in times of necessity. Among other services, the Safety Net team helps people secure benefits and work, develop crisis plans, and access treatment, food, and shelter.

Artwork now hangs in Safety Net’s entrance, main hallways, and community gathering spaces. Learn more about Bay Cove and Safety net here.

Elaine Alibrandi, Oases, Oil and aluminum foil on slit canvas, 2005, 36"x36"

Iris Constantine Carr, After Brueghal, Mixed media, 12"x9"
Donated by: Geoff Carr

Deborah Clearman, Daffodils, Silkscreen, 1981, 15"x24"

Ali Clift, Cast Shadows, Serigraph, 1984, 45"x45"
Donated by: Anonymous

Suzanne Hodes, Approaching New York, Oil on canvas, 1998, 30"x50"

Joan Jacobson-Zamore, Six Cats, Colored wood block, 2001, 15"x15"

Richard Leo Jacobs, In Praise of Garden Shadows #1, Photography, 2014, 18"x24"

Susan Miller-Havens, Women's Best Friends #7, Oil on canvas, 2003, 34"x29"

Leann Shamash, Garden Bouquet, Photography, 2014, 10"x8"

Stephanie Warburg, Through the Window, Oil, 2013, 11"x14"

Timothy Wilson, Holding Hands, Photograph, 2013, 16"x20"