Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center

The Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center is a public psychiatric in-patient mental health hospital. They provide quality, integrated care and support towards recovery for individuals needing forensic evaluation and those with mental illness who require continuing care. The staff at DSCFMHC works to create an environment for their clients that fosters hope, supports self-determination, is inclusive of diverse ideas and opinions, adaptive to change, and a place where residents and staff are respectful of each other. The DSCGMHC operates a 60-bed locked adult impatient unit, providing forensic evaluation and continuing care for individuals who are involved in legal issues who have mental illness, some of whom are required by law to be locked into the unit from 20 days to several years. Donated artwork helps create a more welcoming, comforting environment. It hangs in comfort rooms, where clients experiencing distress will go to be helped to calm down, as well as in the building’s common areas such as hallways and sensory rooms.

Artists: Bradford, Collings, Cook, Dickson, Grossman, Makin, Maloff, Maloney, Nartonis, Peterson, Ritter, Rizzo, Safarikova, Sewall, Shapero, Silber, Silverstein, Tan, Tovian, Turley, Zonies

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