Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center Milford

The Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center's (Kennedy CHC) Milford facility opened in March, 2014. The Kennedy CHC was founded in 1972, and still believes that everyone has the right to accessible, high quality, comprehensive, integrated and compassionate health care. There are sites throughout Central and Metro West areas of Massachusetts, and collectively they serve over 28,000 patients each year. Clients include immigrants, refugees, the uninsured and underinsured, and disadvantaged communities of all ages. The employees collectively speak more than 30 languages to facilitate the patient-centered care they provide, and now this donation of artwork can act as a universal language to promote healing and create a welcoming and vibrant facility.

Donated artwork allows members of the community to have an experience with the art world which they would likely not have otherwise. All artwork is installed in the reception and waiting areas, labs and exam rooms, hallways, and nurses’ station.

Visit http://www.kennedychc.org/ to learn more about this non-profit community health center.

Placement: 2016

 Deborah Clearman, Betsy Chadwick, Otter River, Newfoundland, Oil, 1987, 9"x 12"

 Frances K. Grossman, Frances K. Grossman, House in Newton, Oil on canvas, 2011, 16"x 20"

 Janel Houton, Torch Azalaeas, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Acrylic on canvas, 2012, 14"x 11"

 Jeannie Lindheim, Blue Mountains, Watercolor, 2012, 12"x 13"

McMillan-Stewart Foundation, Reba Stewart, Dying Racks, Woodblock print, 1957, 36"x 23"

Ellen Stutman, Looking South, Oil on canvas, 16"x 20"

Placement: 2014
Prilla Smith Brackett, From the Sleeping Porch #13, Waterbased monotype on paper, 2004, 28"x38"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Exuberance #1, Oil stick, oil pastel, charcoal, acrylic on paper, 1990, 39"x28" 
JoAnne Chittick, River Reflections, Watercolor, 2008, 20"x26"

Susan Collings, Ancient Column Submerged, Turkey, Photograph, 2013, 11"x14" 
Joanne Cornell, Amoeba 1, Oil, 2014, 12"x12"

Marian Dioguardi, She's A Rainbow, Oil on linen, 2014, 24"x24"

Raymond Barton, Untitled, Oil on canvas, 18"x36"
Donated by Cynthia Fisher

Edward Glannon, Mountain River, Watercolor, 22"x29"
Donated by 
Thomas Glannon & Patricia Wiley

Melissa Glick, The River of Connectivity, Construction, 2014, 48"x72"

Lynda Goldberg, Party Time!, Monotype & Chine Colle, 2011, 19"x10"

John Guthrie, Lander, Mixed media, 1995, 22"x15"

Diana Korzenik, Eggs and Odd Birds/Pink Field, Acrylic on paper with butterfly wings, 2013, 18"x24"

Chalda Maloff, Opal, Digital painting on canvas, 2007, 5"x7"

Ann Miller, The Nectar Sipper, Collage on paper, 2012, 22"x22"

Silvina Mizrahi, Fountain of Youth, Mixed media, 2004, 30"x20"

Jeannie Motherwell, Ebbing, Collage, 2004, 12"x15"

Henry Olds, Butterflies with Flowers, Photographic Montage Print on canvas, 2008, 13"x19"

Eleanor Rubin, New Energy, Watercolor, 2001, 13"x10"

Susan Schwalb, Intervals IX, Silverpoint, acrylic, gold leaf on paper, 1994, 23"x31"

Sam Tan, Disperse, Acrylic on paper, 2002, 11"x9"

Maria Termini, Jungle Flower, Silkscreen, 13"x10"

Maria Termini, Passion Flower, Silkscreen, 13"x10"

Maria Termini, Sky Flower, Silkscreen, 12"x10"

Maria Termini, Spring, Silkscreen, 12"x9"

Stephanie Warburg, Growing Wild, Oil, 2001, 18"x20"

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