Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Irish International Immigrant Center

The Irish International Immigrant Center (IIIC) assists immigrants from Ireland and from around the world as they integrate into American society, and with partner organizations, promotes reconciliation in Ireland. They are a vibrant, multi-service center. The staff at IIIC provides their clients with immigration and citizenship legal services, wellness and education services, learning exchange programs, and other education programs. The IIIC advocates for systemic change and facilitates cross-cultural community building. The staff believes artwork in the facility will make visitors feel welcomed and valued and that the artwork selected reflects many cultures and backgrounds.

The center is located in the lower level of what was once a bank vault. Within this very unique office space, artwork hangs in the entrance and reception areas, computer lab, education room, small conference rooms, the spacious community room (inside the old vault!) and in the program advisor areas.

Learn more about the Irish International Immigrant Center online at

John Borchard, Mirage, Photograph, 2008, 12"x12"

John Borchard, Fence in the Mists, Photograph, 2008, 12"x12"

Mary Anna Nairn, Golden Lemon Plantation, Watercolor, 15"x21" 
Donated by Anonymous

Joe Deignan, Lada #2, Photograph, 2008, 8"x10"

Caroline Di Nunzio, Supplication, Monotype, 24"x37"

Tina Feingold, Sanctuary, Oil on canvas, 2002, 90"x60"

Frances K. Grossman, Glory, Oil on canvas, 2010, 16"x20"

David Kupferman, IG8-39, Acrylic on paper, 27''x40''

Ann Miller, The Mother Ship, Collage on paper, 2011, 25"x21"

Karen A. V. O'Brien, Calypso Fish, Acrylic on canvas, 2011, 40"x30"

Renu Oconnell, Comings and Goings, Tempera, 2013, 25"x30"

Henry Olds, Along the Fence, Photomontage print on canvas, 2014, 13"x19"

Debra Olin, Gathering, Monoprint collage, 2000, 53"x32"

Michael Rizzo, Sweeper.Boston, Photograph, 2009, 15"x10"

Leann Shamash, Three Buttons, Photography, 2014, 12"x18"

 Leann Shamash, Green Tomatoes, Photography, 2014, 12"x18"

Mayo Sorgman, San Miguelle, Oil, 31"x40"
Donated by Bram Sorgman & Dara Mark

Maria Termini, Garden In the Sky, Silkscreen, 19"x25"

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