Friday, March 25, 2016

Just-A-Start Corp.

Just-A-Start is a community development corporation dedicated to building the housing security and economic stability of low-to-moderate income people in Cambridge and nearby communities. Through innovative, comprehensive and integrated programs, Just-A-Start provides and preserves affordable housing, offers education and workforce training for youth and adults, and builds community engagement.

The art now hangs in a newly-leased space for the Biomedical Careers Program which provides comprehensive biotechnology skills training to adults who do not have access to higher educational programs due to financial constraints, and provides well-trained entry-level technicians and lab support members for biotechnical, research, and medical industries. The program provides hands-on training shaped and guided by industry experts and a strong academic foundation in sciences (19 college credits at Bunker Hill Community College). 

The program draws diverse, highly motivated applicants, often immigrants with international academic credentials and/or work experience in related fields. The efficient nine-month program helps low income individuals find good jobs quickly and helps companies fill their staffing needs fast. Now in its 22nd year, the program has an 89% graduation rate and 77% of graduates have been placed in biomedical careers with average $35K starting salaries for the most recently placed graduates. More than 400 alumni currently work as professionals in local biotech companies.

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Elaine Alibrandi, Fire and Flame, Oil on slit and layered canvas, 2007, 40"x30"

Elaine Alibrandi, Deceptions, Oil and aluminum foil on hollowed-out canvas, 2012, 36"x18"

John Borchard, A Truly Orange Door in Venice, Photograph, 2003, 16"x12"

John Borchard, Waterfront Property, Photograph, 2003, 8.5"x17"

Susan C. Collings, "As If It Were Already Here" with Cherry Blossoms, Photograph, 2015, 14"x11"

M.J. Levy Dickson, Bayberry, Giclee print, 15"x12"

M.J. Levy Dickson, Saltspray Rose, Giclee print, 15"x12"

Espana, Heart of Boston, Oil on canvas, 2012, 72"x48"

Janet Fuchs, Streak, Photograph, C Print, 2005, 46"x20"

Fuchs, Seated, Photograph, C Print, 2005, 46"x20"

Jack S. Goldstein, Thailand, Photograph, 11"x14"
Donated by: Nita Goldstein

Hodes, Atmosphere in Times Square, Oil, 2008, 32"x48"

Hyde, Going to Class, Mixed media on paper, 2013, 12"x12"

Lira Kay, Divine, Red 1, Digital print, 2013, 8"x10"

Lira Kay, Divine, Red 2, Digital print, 2013, 8"x10"

Jack Lillis, 10026, Watercolor, 1980's, 22"x30"
Caren Loebel-Fried, Growth, Hand-pulled block print, 2014, 10"x8"
Chalda Maloff, Emerald Cuts, Digital painting on canvas, 2007, 10"x14"
Henry Olds, Ann's Stones, Photomontage, 2014, 16"x20"

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985, 22"x30"
Donated by: Joyce Paulson
Eleanor Rubin, Passing Thought, Watercolor, 2001, 13"x10"
Eleanor Rubin, listening to the sky, Watercolor, 2006, 15"x11"

Eleanor Rubin, Poised for Flight, Watercolor, 2006, 15"x11"

Anne Silber, Ivory Vase, Serigraph, 1986, 30"x22"

Anne Silber, Rose-colored Glass, Serigraph, 1995, 22"x30"

Judith Silverstein, 2 Traffic Cir, Acrylic/canvas, 18"x24"

Judith Silverstein, Yellow Circle, Acrylic/canvas, 2011, 24"x36"

Stephanie Warburg, Winter on its Way, Oil, 16"x20"

Stephanie Warburg, Orange Sky at Night, Oil, 16"x20"

Timothy Wilson, Male, Photograph, 2012, 24"x19"

Timothy Wilson, Jones River, Photograph, 2013, 24"x19"


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