Friday, May 20, 2016

Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. - Milton

Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has provided Adult Day Health and Alzheimer Day Care Services to clients in more than fifty communities in the Greater Boston area since 1979. Their Milton Center, which provides Adult Day Health and Alzheimer Day Care Services to frail elders and disabled adults, selected artwork to contribute to the holistic approach to assist every client to maintain their highest level of functioning, to support emotional and physical independence, and to enhance overall quality of life.

The mission of Cooperative Elder Services is to help adults and elders remain at home for as long as possible, by providing a safe and welcoming daytime environment and improving their quality of life with socialization, activities, and nursing care. Many of the program participants struggle with depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment and physical disabilities. They have limited financial means and limited ability to visit museums and experience art. By bringing art to the program participants, Cooperative Elder Services is able to provide a more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment, and enhance quality of life. Even if someone has late-stage dementia, they can still connect emotionally through the visual arts. Art has provided a starting point for many elders with memory loss, who need visual cues to reminisce and engage in life review. Artwork now hangs in the main program and dining room, along the entrance ramp, and in the areas utilized for participants requiring physical therapy and dementia care.

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Sophie Valerie Breton, Peonies, Oil on canvas, 1997, 24"x18"

Unknown, Live Oak - Tree of Life, Etching, 14"x17"
Donated by: Timothy Burgers

Arlene Gade, Green Pears, Oil, 1997, 13"x15"
Donated by: Timothy Burgers

Eleanor Elkin, Dogs, Woven, 2014, 23"x13"

Eleanor Elkin, Elephant and Cat, Handwoven tapestry, 2014, 11"x14"

David Vereano, Untitled, Gouache, 1988, 22"x30"
Donated by: Laine Gifford

Frances K. Grossman, Waiting for Mom, Pastel, 1997, 26"x29"

Joan Jacobson-Zamore, A.R. Series IX, Monotype, 2001, 24"x18"

Jim Kociuba, Cape Sheets 2, Oil on canvas, 2002, 42"x44"

Linda Lichtman, Scratchboard Fish, Flashed glass: painted and leaded., 1985, 10"x12"
Donated by: Kurt Lichtman

Jeannie Motherwell, Horizon II, Acrylic and collage on paper, 2004, 19"x15"

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985, 22"x30"
Donated by: Joyce Paulson

Florence Putterman, Lookout Mountain II, Lithograph, 22"x28"

Lorna Ritz, "Autumn Trees", Oil crayon, 2001, 15"x22"

Marjorie Minkin, Kenai III, Acrylic on canvas, 1983, 50"x41"
Donated by: Barbara Rosenblum

Tatiana Roulin, Forest Road, Pastel, 2012, 12"x9"

Susan Schwalb, Summer Flowers, Watercolor and ink on paper, 1974, 22"x30"

Anne Silber, Gladiolus Unwrapped, Serigraph, 1989, 15"x22"

Ellen Stutman, Kay's Cove, Oil pastel on paper, 20"x24"

Anne Sargent Walker, Staying Afloat, Oil and acrylic on board, 2012, 24"x24"

Stephanie Warburg, The Last of Fall, Oil, 9"x12"

Stephanie Warburg, Willow, Oil, 5"x7"

Stephanie Warburg, Off the Coast, Oil, 11"x14"

Stephanie Warburg, Summer Reflections, Oil, 8"x10"

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