Monday, June 22, 2009

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

Art Placements: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC)
The purpose and mission of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) is to safely and effectively provide easily accessible, personalized, high quality, affordable care that is sensitive to the needs of each individual who lives or works in East Boston, Winthrop, Chelsea, and Revere regardless of ability to pay. EBNHC serves approximately 55,000 patients across over 200,000 visits annually and employs a staff of 750; and maintains priorities that are driven by the needs and values of the local community. It is, in effect, a community anchor, for so many experiencing multiple psychosocial challenges – poverty, immigration issues, domestic violence, chronic health conditions, unemployment, lack of health insurance, etc. With its 24 hour Urgent Care Department serving as the front door of the organization and the gateway to the broad umbrella of primary medical and specialty care services including mental health/social services, comprehensive HIV services, chronic disease management programs, pharmacy, and member services, the EBNHC is for so many the obvious and only place to turn for help. EBNHC is committed to a continuous beautification project in order to provide a bright, clean, well organized, tranquil, and visually appealing environment of care at all times. The donated art is displayed in the waiting areas in each of the departments to enhance the comfort, warmth, and ambiance that EBNHC strives to provide.

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Artists: Angelil, Arena, Baer, Berger, Bowditch, Bowers, Bradford, Cahaly, Clearman, Cook, Dioguardi, Ekstrom, Evans, Gilman, Glannon, Gower, Grossman, Guthrie, Hodes, Hungate, Hyde, Jacobson-Zamore, Kilbridge, Korzenik, Kupferman, Marlow, Mizrahi, Nickerson, O'Brien, Olin, Parker, Partoll, Pellicani, Rich, Rossmer, Roth, Rothschild, Schwalb, Silverman, Silverstein, Sorgman, Termini, Tovian, Tull, van Houten, Vikko, Wainwright, Warburg, Weineck, Wiseman, Wurzel

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