Monday, July 6, 2009

Weston Council on Aging

Art Placements: 2009

About Weston Council on Aging (COA)
The Weston Council on Aging aims to advocate for and help meet the needs that are special to Weston’s senior citizens – for resources, for a sense of community, and for coping during vulnerable times. The COA seeks to enrich the quality of the lives of those sixty and older by offering helpful resources, presenting appropriate programs, and by enhancing a sense of community. The donated art will hang in the reception area, hallway, and classrooms to add a dimension of warmth and also create opportunities for conversations and connections. Many older residents of the community can easily become isolated, and the addition of art will transform this space where they meet to socialize and engage in community programs.

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Artists: Beck, Hyde, Marlow, Kupferman, Tonor, Green, Roth, Schnitman, Schwalb , Silber, Silverman, Termini, Satchell

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