Monday, July 6, 2009

North Shore Community College

Art Placements: 2009

About North Shore Community College
Established in 1965, North Shore Community College is one of the oldest and largest of the fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts. The population served by NSCC represents a mix of urban and suburban, a diversity of ethnic and racial groups, white and blue-collar, middle and low-income groups, as well as growing numbers of recent immigrants. North Shore Community College in Lynn aims to become a source of hope and opportunity blending tradition and innovation for its multi-ethnic student population. Because of economic limitations, many of their students have little opportunity to participate in cultural activities. The donated art will hang in their hallways, student lounges, support services, and cafeteria to encourage innovation and creativity while expanding students’ horizons.

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Artists: Angelil, Bradford, Ritzi, Cahaly, Fish, Grossman, Hodes, Hyde, Korzenik, Trindade, Ritter, Schnitman, Sears, Vilinsky

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