Monday, June 15, 2009


What is The Art Connection?

The Art Connection is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enrich under-served communities by expanding public access to original works of art. Our art donation and placement program is like a "museum without borders" as it places the work of donor artists on the walls of community service organizations.

Since its inception in 1995, this unique gifting program has identified and cataloged original works of art donated from generous individuals and has supported non-profit agencies in the selection of pieces that are meaningful to them. Within these healing environments, the original works of art provide welcome opportunities for reflection, inspiration, comfort, and hope. The artists are delighted to exhibit their work in places that attract a large number of visitors and feel good knowing that their work can have an impact on the daily lives of others. Organizations find that original artwork enlivens spaces and connects them to their constituents in profound ways. Ours is an enriching creative collaboration on all counts. Sometimes, just one painting or sculpture can make a difference. This simple but powerful idea has resulted in thousands of installations into scores of organizations, giving those who often have the least access to art direct contact in their own communities.

For more information on how our program works, please visit our website at

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