Monday, August 10, 2009

Dare Family Services

Art Placements: 2008

Dare Family Services
Dare Family Services specializes is providing intensive foster care to children and teens who have been abused and/or neglected. Many times the children will come into the office while awaiting placement or before meetings, feeling sad, angry or nervous. On a daily basis, foster parents, social workers, and clinical staff are in the office attending meetings/trainings. Donated artworks will hang in the reception area, hallways, and meeting rooms to help make the place feel more comfortable, warm, and happy. It will also make the space feel more peaceful and safe to people who have been though so much turmoil and daily stress; and help change the attitude and feelings of all those who access the space.

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Artists: Bernstein, Bragen, Dioguardi, Garber, Goldstein, Hungate, Kupferman, McGregor-Radin, Miller, Safarikova, Termini, Wainwright, Warburg

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