Monday, August 10, 2009

Malden Senior Community Center

Art Placements: 2008

Malden Senior Community Center
The new Malden Senior Community Center is a newly developed property providing services to Malden area seniors who previously utilized a center in a windowless basement. Needless to say, the new building is a great improvement and will have the space to make all seniors welcome with social areas, class offerings, community events, etc. The donated art will hang in areas where seniors will be sitting (waiting for a ride, resting between classes, reading in the library, chatting with friends, etc) and will stimulate discussion and encourage socialization. It will add to the welcoming environment and truly enhance the space for seniors, staff, and volunteers who utilize the space.

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Artists: Arch, Bradford, Cerese, Dioguardi, Goldstein, Goldman, H. Marlow, Korzenik, Kupferman, Makin, Rothschild, Sewall, Stutman, Tondro

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