Thursday, October 8, 2009

City on a Hill

Art Placements: 2009

City on a Hill Charter Public School
City on a Hill, a public high school in urban Boston, emphasizes academic achievement, citizenship, teacher leadership, and public accountability. They seek to graduate responsible, resourceful, and respectful democratic citizens prepare to advance community, culture, and commerce as they compete in the 21st century. The students in this Roxbury school made up the selection committee that chose this artwork to hang in its hallways, student spaces, meeting rooms, tutorial areas, and stairwells in order to fill the space with art and color, and to create an aesthetically pleasing environment where students and teachers will enjoy being, learning, and teaching.

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Artists: Smith-Bracket, Castro, Goldman, Krueger, Maloff, Pechinski, Schwalb, Tan, Termini

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