Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boston Rescue Mission

Art Placements: 2007, 2008

Boston Rescue Mission
Boston Rescue Mission has been caring for people who are poor and homeless in greater Boston since 1899. Each day the Mission serves up to 500 meals and provides shelter for up to 200 men and women. Their programs provide a comprehensive continuum of care for its guests and residents and are designed to accommodate a person in need regardless of their circumstances. Dealing with issues such as chronic homelessness, substance abuse, and prisoner re-entry, the Boston Rescue Mission works to help people reclaim the lives they lost. Programs include: overnight shelter, community meal, food pantry, post-detox residential program, life growth residential program, on-the-job-re-entry program, fresh start curriculum, job referral network, and spiritual development. Donated art will hang in their day room, chapel, computer room, hallways and stairwells, and the residential floors serving both men and women; offering a chance to not only make a person feel better, but also a chance to truly be apart of a person’s life during their road to recovery.

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Artists: Kontoff Baker, Smith-Brackett, Burko, Castro, Clave, Eisenberg, Evans, Fields, Grossman, Hodes, Hungate, Kirchheimer, Lobosco, Maisel, Makin, Miller-Havins, Ritter, Safarikova, Schwalb, Tondro, Wainright, Wurzel

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