Thursday, October 8, 2009


Art Placements: 2008

Toward Independent Living & Learning (TILL), Inc.
"Toward Independent Living and Learning’s missions is to develop and operate innovative services for individuals of all ages and abilities which maximize their potential for personal growth and independent living. TILL’s day habilitation center in Chelsea serves over 40 individuals and helps them be as productive as possible by focusing on their abilities rather than their disabilities and offering work training and other services to the community. Environments for people with disabilities has historically been viewed as being only spaces which are functional and therefore little emphasis is placed upon the details. Donated art hangs in the hallways, meeting rooms, kitchen, café, and other community spaces to demonstrate the pride TILL instills in their staff and clients with regard to enjoying beauty in their surroundings. The art enhances the environment aesthetically as well as encourage one to see color, form, and shapes in ways which they would not typically view in their surroundings.

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Artists: Butler, Hass Feldman, Gillman, Hodes, Hyde, Kupferman, Miller, Rothschild, Silverstein, Termini, Tondro, Warburg

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