Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wayside Youth and Family Support Network

Art Placements: 2009

Wayside Youth & Family is committed to serving youth and families in Eastern and Central Massachusetts communities by providing counseling, family support, residential and educational services. Wayside's new Campus serves youth ages 12 to 18 who suffer from significant mental health, substance abuse, and/or behavioral difficulties, often as a result of family abuse, neglect or trauma. Youth who both temporarily live and go to school at the campus, along with their families, will directly benefit from artwork displayed at the new Campus. Youth will feel respected by having original pieces of artwork in their surroundings. Donated art will hang in the entry, hallways, meeting rooms, and community spaces to help the Campus not give the feeling of an institution, but rather create a comfortable and home-like environment. The artwork will greatly lend to creating this welcoming atmosphere for both youth and their families. In addition, youth affected by trauma often find strength through artistic expression, allowing them a safe way to understand and be themselves. Being surrounded by the original artwork of others can inspire their own creative forms of expression. It is Wayside’s goal for artwork in the new Campus to reflect the diversity of the clients and to give them hope for the places they will go in the future.

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Artists: Beck, Camilleri, Dworkis, Hodes, Hungate, Marlow, Korzenik, Kupferman, Maisel, Maloff, Nartonis, Nickerson, Olin, Partoll, Ritter, Rubin, Sanborn, White, Wiseman

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