Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Winter Valley Residences

Art Placements: 2008, 2009, 2010

Winter Valley Residences
Winter Valley Residences is a nonprofit, elderly housing organization whose mission is to meet the needs of seniors by providing housing and services, with sensitivity and care, as a means of assuring their well-being and preserving their dignity. Winter Valley has communal buildings with apartments for assisted and independent living seniors, with community rooms and activity space. Many of the residents walk indoors for exercise, especially during winter months, if it’s raining, or if they are not feeling up to walking outside. Art hangs in the hallways and community rooms, bringing energy and life to the space, sparking conversation, and adding creativity, beauty, and color to the seniors' home.

Artists: Ann Rothschild, Arch, Beck, Bennett, Bernstein, Borchard, Cahaly, Camilleri, Chandler, Donnelly, Dworkis, Gai, Ginsberg-Place, Hass Feldman, Hause, Hodes, Hungate, Hyde, Jane Bradford, K. Grossman, Krueger, Lane, Makin, Monacelli, Muskat, Nartonis, Nolte, Ritter, S. Goldstein, Schwalb, Sewall, Siggins, Smith Brackett, Termini, Tull

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