Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Victory Programs: Joelyn's Family Home

Art Placements: 2007

Victory Programs: Joelyn's Family Home
Art gives people a place to start communicating, a common experience or jumping off point for a stronger relationship. In a program like Joelyn's Family Home, art can help family members express their feelings and better utilize expressive language. The donated art will help shape ideas, define social attitudes and repair stereotypes. Clients at Joelyn's Family Home will benefit from being surrounded by diverse "artifacts" providing them with a sense that their culture, as well as many other cultural expressions, is important. This exposure fosters a stronger sense of self and boosts self-esteem and the donated art will provide opportunities for family members to learn about new things while stimulating dialogue, creativity, learning and healing--all critical concepts to the path to recovery.

For more information, please visit: www.vpi.org

Artists: Berger, Berger, Bolsey, Clapp, Dickson, Kupferman, Beth Maisel, Revett, Rothschild, Silber, Tan, Termini, Wiseman

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