Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boston Public Health Commission (Opioid Treatment Program)

Art Placements: 2009

Boston Public Health Commission (Opioid Treatment Program)
The Boston Public Health Commission’s Opioid Treatment Program provides free medication assisted substance abuse services to primarily poor, uninsured, homeless, pregnant women, and medically compromised individuals. Clients attend the clinic on a daily basis in the beginning of treatment. Two years ago, they opened a new facility which is truly beautiful, but lacks the "finishing touches" of art. Methadone treatment is a highly stigmatized service and most neighborhoods are very outspoken about allowing them in the neighborhood.

The Opioid Treatment Program building, although new and beautiful, exists next to the tow lot under the expressway. Siting this program proved very difficult over the past 35 years, but with the City of Boston's commitment, they continue to provide services to the most vulnerable citizens in Boston and surrounding areas. Some clients were able to see the art previously donated to the Commission and were overwhelmingly impressed. They felt they were "cared for" and welcomed in the space. The donated art will be exhibited in the new clinic which is a great open space with lots of natural light.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bphc.org/programs/aptrss/ourservices/treatmentandrecoverysupportservices/opioidaddictionservices/Pages/Home.aspx

Artists: Borchard, Brackett, Castro, Cook, Bos, Grossman, Hungate, Hyde, Kupferman, Ritter, Schnitman, Schwalb, Warburg

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