Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Youville House Assisted Living

Art Placements: 2008, 2009

Youville House Assisted Living
Youville House’s mission and objective is to affirm life to the fullest to the very end of life. Their residents are elderly and often are alone at this stage in life. By offering a high staff to resident ratio, Youville House allows for quality individual time, promotes a caring community, and encourages residents to reach out to one another. Still, there is a lot of time for contemplation and works of art can be another source of strength and inner peace when the threads of life are wearing thin. The donated art was selected to be part of a new program that will offer residents who choose to remain at Youville House through the Hospice Program, the option to select artwork on which to meditate at the end of their lives. The donated work will encourage dialogue, offer a sense of calm, or just provide color and creativity during this difficult time. The works will be kept on display at the house with the option for residents to choose one for their own space during their time in hospice.

For more information, please visit: www.youvillehouse.com

Artists: Angelil, Borchard, Brackett, Gade, Forté, Goldstein, Krueger, Ritz, Safarikova, Termini, Wainwright

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