Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Covenant House

Art Placements: 2008, 2010

The Covenant House
Covenant House has provided quality, affordable housing to the elderly for the past twenty five years. Their vision is to enable the elderly to have productive and enriching experiences throughout all of their years. It is a multi-cultural family with Russian, Chinese, English, and Spanish speaking groups. Due to the language barriers, they try to incorporate music, art, and movement into their programs. Your art will hang in the entry, elevator lobbies, hallways, and meeting rooms to help enliven their spaces, promote socialization, and help the building look like a “home.” The art can also inspire more residents to appreciate artistic differences and become open to exploring a range of art and perhaps even their own unique inner artist.

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Artists: Smith Brackett, Whipple, Lines, Tabor, Anonymous, Edmonds, Ekstrom, Fitzpatrick, Forté, Gilman, Goldstein, Grossman, Hodes, Hungate, Hyde, Marlow, Kupferman, Nartonis, Rothschild, Safarikova, Silber, Termini, Tondro, Wainwright, Wolcott, Wurzel