Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Massasoit Community College

Art Placements: 2009, 2010, 2012

Massasoit Community College
Massasoit Community College, located in Brockton, MA, is dedicated to the educational and civic improvement of their students. They pride themselves in their historic mission of accepting all who desire to learn, and are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where the members of their community can attain their educational and personal goals. Massasoit encourages all to take responsibility for their learning, to discover their potential, and to achieve their ambitions; and the college is very mindful of the environment in which learning takes place. Your art will hang in the public areas of the Student Center and the Admission building to enhance the atmosphere of the school and further develop the appreciation of the arts to a population who might not be exposed to much original artwork otherwise.

Artists: Angelil, Barylick, Beck, Blume, Bradford, Burko, Carter, Chandler, Clearman, deLeiris, Dworkis, Fields, Finkelstein, Fuchs, Gilman, Goldman, Graham, Green, Guthrie, Hammett, Harris, Hodes, Hughes, Hungate, Hyde, Kaufman, Korzenik, Kupferman, Limner, Makin, McAskill, Miller, Moss, Nartonis, Nickerson, O’Brien , Roth, Rothschild, Schwalb, Shapero, Stewart, Tan, Theresa, Tondro, Trindade, Wylen, Vrotlos, Wallack, Williams, Zanger, Ziembo, Wegg

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