Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FamilyAid Boston

Art Placements: 2001, 2011

FamilyAid Boston
FamilyAid Boston provides a variety of professional social services to a diverse group of families and individuals in transition including people who are traveling, people who are homeless, people living a transient lifestyle, and those who are isolated and disconnected from other means of support. FamilyAid Boston provides financial assistance, as well as counseling, housing services, education, and advocacy, in an effort to stabilize and support individuals and families in crisis. Donated art will hang in the main waiting area, hallways, counseling rooms, and community spaces to offer comfort to the vulnerable families and individuals who visit for services and appointments.

Artists: Beck, Borchard, Bowers, Brackett, Bradford, Chandler, Cook, Ginsberg-Place, Green, Haber-Schaim, Hodes, Hyde, Kupferman, Liberman, Lizotte, Muskat, Nartonis, Rothschild, Rubin, Sanfilippo, Schnitman, Silber, Sorgman, Termini

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