Monday, December 23, 2013

Grub Street

Grub Street’s mission is to be an innovative, rigorous, and welcoming community for writers who together create their best work, find audience, and elevate the literary arts for all. Since 1997 Grub Street has offered classes and services for writers at all stages of development and prides itself on welcoming as many writers as possible through generous scholarships and free programming.
Grub Street offers free monthly sessions to Boston-area teens as an answer to the limited arts programming in public schools. They offer a paid three-week Teen Summer Fellowship that teens from the Boston area apply to and can earn while they learn, and won’t miss their summer job income for that time span. Grub Street also welcomes other organizations working to advance literacy into their space; they are The Massachusetts Literary Education and Performance Collective and First Literacy.
As a creative center where students are constantly looking for inspiration, having original artwork is very exciting to them to helps cement their identity as a vital member of the Boston arts community. Art will hang in reception area, offices, and all five classrooms.
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Prilla Smith Brackett, Passing by Woods #15, Waterbased carborundum monoprint, 2006, 31"x11"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Places of the Heart #12, Waterbased carborundum monoprint, chine collé, oil pastel, prisma color pencil, 2007, 31"x11"

Deborah Clearman, Afternoon Trailers, Silkscreen, 1978, 18"x25"

Susan Collings, Green Door, Sirince, Turkey, Photograph, 2013, 11"x14"

Judith Liberman, Light Series #5, Paper mosaic, 1984, 30"x40"
Donated by deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum's Corporate Program

Elkin, Frying Pan with Eggs, Handwoven tapestry, 14"x11"

Al Fisher, Kenyon Martin as "The Mechanical Man", Silver gelatin print, 1983, 20"x20"
Donated by Linda Fisher

Al Fisher, Rick Adam and Robin Mello, Platinum prints, 1986, 19"x15" each
Donated by Linda Fisher

Jennifer Hughes, Sky Landing, Watercolor on paper, 2006, 2"x2"

Jennifer Hughes, Go, Watercolor on paper, 2006, 2"x2"

Jennifer Hughes, Ice House, Watercolor on paper, 2006, 2"x2"

Diana Korzenik, "Dawn", Acrylic on paper, 1978, 24"x18"
David Kupferman, IC11-21, Acrylic on paper, 26''x34''

Mary Beth Maisel, Flight 2, Woven monotype archivally sealed with UV varnish, 2008, 8"x16"

Candy Nartonis, Bluffs, Monotype, 38"x31"

Mark Peterson, Fishing, Photograph, 2009, 25"x35"
Lorna Ritz, Bragg Mt., Vermont, Oil crayon, 1982, 15"x20"

Jo Ann Rothschild, Black Mirror X, Oil on linen, 1987, 22"x30"

Kathryn Sanfilippo, Wildflowers , Oil on canvas, 2010, 36"x36"


Susan Schwalb, Study #1, Metallic leaf and acrylic on canvas, 1997, 12"x12"
Susan Schwalb, Study #2, Metallic leaf and acrylic on canvas, 1997, 12"x12"

Leann Shamash, Bobbins, Photograph, 2013, 12"x14"

Reba Stewart, Sky/Sea Landscape #1, Acrylic, 1970, 38"x50"
Donated by the Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation


Nan Tull, Counterpoint Rose, Counterpoint Peach, Counterpoint Blue
Encaustic and tape on board, 2006, 12"x12" each

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Raspberry), Viscosity (Unique Print), 2011, 10''x11''

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