Monday, December 23, 2013

Lowell Transitional Living Center

The Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC) provides the most critical services to vulnerable adults in Lowell by offering a place for homeless adults to get food, shelter, stability and be treated with dignity. The LTLC provides emergency shelter for 90 adults with 45 additional beds in winter months and during inclement weather to ensure that everyone has a chance to sleep indoors. There are more than 350 meals served at LTLC every day of the year. Those who visit LTLC are homeless for a variety of reasons including job loss, illness, disability, or trauma. All are welcomed and offered food along with case management and other support to help them find work, find housing, and stay on the path of living independently. 
Donated artwork hangs in the building’s reception areas, dining area, conference room, and other public spaces such as hallways, exam rooms, and in both the men’s and women’s dormitories, helping transform a newly renovated space into a more welcoming atmosphere. Visit to learn more.
Smith Brackett, From the Sleeping Porch #20, Waterbased monoprint/chine collé/paper, 2004, 19"x30"

Rebecca Brown, Shadows in the Sand, Photograph, 2005, 12"x18"

Iris Constantine Carr, Wickford RI, Oil, 8"x11"
Donated by Geoff Carr

Charles Merrill, Untitled, Watercolor, 2006, 16"x12"
Donated by Fay Chandler

Elizabeth Ryan, Unknown (flowers), Watercolor, 12"x10"
Donated Anonymously

Deborah Clearman, New Hampshire Trail, Silkscreen, 1980, 22"x16"

Susan Collings, Baby on the Rocks, Photograph, 2005, 15"x18"

Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Rose Colored Trees I, Photograph, 2000, 16"x20"

JoAnne Hungate, Masquerade, part 3, Watercolor monotype, 1999, 13"x9"

Jack Lillis, 10024, Watercolor, 1980's, 22"x30"

Jeannie Lindheim, Sweeping Moon, Watercolor, 2009, 29"x21"

Jeannie Lindheim, Underwater Flowers, Watercolor, 2012, 17"x13"

Mary Beth Maisel, Heliotropic, Faux encaustic, archivally sealed on panel, 4"x8"

Mary Beth Maisel, Autumn Steps, Watercolor, 1994, 22"x30"

Mary Beth Maisel, Modern Cabins, Watercolor, 1997, 15"x22"

Mark Peterson, Walnut Street, Photograph, 2007, 30"x20"

Mike Ritter, Shadows and Woman, C-print, 2004, 9"x14"

Lorna Ritz, Mt. Norwottuck and Storm, Cray-pas oil crayon, 2004, 15"x22"

Jo Ann Rothschild, Untitled, Oil on linen, 2003, 25"x37"

Susan Schwalb, Untitled (cats dream), Watercolor, ink on paper, 1970, 22"x30"

Janet Shapero, Tea and Tales of Africa, Rete-Chromes on metal rods, 2005, 66"x36"

Mayo Sorgman, Nantucket, Acrylic on canvas, 30"x40"
Donated by Bram Sorgman and Dara Mark

Maria Termini, Jazz Flower Dance, Silkscreen, 1985, 15"x12

Maria Termini, Jungle Flower, Silkscreen, 15"x11"

Nan Tull, Channel #22, Oil on primed paper, 1990, 32"x24"

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