Friday, December 20, 2013

Homeowner's Rehab, Inc. Chapman Arms Apartments

Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI) is a non-profit founded in 1972, whose main goal is the development of affordable housing in the city of Cambridge.  HRI has shifted its focus from homeownership to include rental properties as a means to create new opportunities for households that cannot compete in Cambridge’s housing market. HRI’s continuing mission is to provide safe, affordable, decent, and sustainable housing.
HRI purchased the Chapman Arms building from Harvard University in 2011. Over half of the building reserved as affordable housing units for housing elderly, disabled, and formerly homeless residents. This building is one of the four remaining affordable sites in Harvard Square and Homeowner’s Rehab takes pride in maintaining it for the residents. The addition of original artwork donated through The Art Connection further benefits the residents and creates a better sense of community onsite. Artwork hangs in the main lobby and community sitting room as well as on each floor by the elevators and in hallways.
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John Borchard, Island Fog, Photograph, 2003, 13"x15"
Edie Bowers, Misty Woods, Oil on canvas, 1997, 24"x24"
Prilla Smith Brackett, Passing by Woods #12

Prilla Smith Brackett, Passing by Woods #17

Olenchak, Unknown (Horses), Oil on canvas, 1972, 17"x21"
Anonymous donor
Edward Glannon, Field, Brown House, Mountain, Watercolor, 22"x29"
Donated by 
Thomas Glannon & Patricia Wiley

David Kupferman, Sea Squares, Acrylic on canvas, 2001, 16"x20"
David Kupferman, JB 6-1, Acrylic on canvas, 2002, 48"x36"
David R. Levitt, Cutting Across, Photograph, 11"x14"
Susan Makin, Hydrangea, Oil on linen, 2010, 10"x10"

Matthew Tovian, Mountain Top, Acrylic on masonite, 25"x30"
Donated by Fay Mannheim
Ann Miller, Twinkle, Collage on paper, 2010, 24"x18"

Henry Olds, Dawn, Photographic print, 2012, 13"x19"

Tatiana Roulin, Water Labyrinth, Pastel, 2011, 18"x24"

Roulin, On Cadillac Mountain, Pastel, 2011, 21"x17"

Janet Kaplan, Quarter Turn, Ceramic, 8"x8"x22"
Donated by Josephine Schneider

Anne Silber, Stargazers, Serigraph, 1987, 30"x17"

Anne Silber, Ivory Vase, Serigraph, 1986, 25"x19"

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