Thursday, December 19, 2013

Department of Youth Services Lawrence

The Department of Youth Services (DYS) is Massachusetts’ juvenile justice agency. Their mission is “to protect the public and prevent crime by promoting positive change in the lives of youth committed to our custody.” They partner with many government and community organizations as well as with families to ensure their mission’s success. All youth interventions are intended to build knowledge, develop skills, and improve behavior. The majority of youth under the care of DYS have been adjudicated delinquent. Forty-five percent of those served are identified as having special education needs and 44% have been charged with having committed a violent offence.
The DYS Lawrence District office sees over 60 youth every year. The dedicated staff runs programs to uphold the DYS mission including managing individuals’ case work, running group counseling, providing food, and a very successful General Education Development (GED) classroom. Artwork hangs in the GED classroom, entrance area, hallway, and in the caseworkers’ offices.
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Prilla Smith Brackett, Survivor (Hancock, NH), Oil on paper, 1993, 22"x29"
Levon West, Fannin' an' Foggin', Etching, 1928, 16"x21"
anonymous donor

Nancy Muldowney, On the Wings of Spring, Mixed media, 26"x20"
anonymous donor

Deborah Clearman, Goldfish, Silkscreen, 1980, 20"x16"

Deborah Clearman, Oregon Coast, Silkscreen, 1980, 23"x18"

Deborah Clearman, East of Black Butte, Silkscreen, 1981, 22"x30"

Jeannine Cook, Spring Tide, Watercolour, 16"x20"

Jennifer Erbe, North End - Barber Shop, Gelatin silver print, 1996, 11"x14"

Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Rose Reflections I, Photograph, 11"x14"

John Guthrie, Bipod, Oil on monoprint, 1990, 30"x22"

John Guthrie, Floating 3, Oil on monoprint, 1991, 30"x22"

John Guthrie, Test Pattern, Oil on monoprint, 1991, 30"x22"

Suzanne Hodes, Birthday #2, Collage & oil on masonite, 1965, 24"x30"

Suzanne Hodes, Hotel Room At Night, Oil on paper, 2003, 30"x44"

JoAnne Hungate, Exhilaration, Watercolor monotype, 1995, 11"x9"

Jack Lillis, PIA-02, Acrylic on paper, 1991, 30"x24"

Susan Miller-Havens, Like A Rocket, Oil on canvas, 1993, 22"x22"

Henry Olds, Chicago Cafe, Photographic montage print, 2012, 13"x19"

Dawn Revett, Bird of Unknown Origin, Acrylic, 2000, 15"x20"

Annie Silverman, Garden of the Animal Flowers I, Multiple plate wood block print, 1999, 17"x30"

Mayo Sorgman, Gray Inlet, Acrylic on canvas, 30"x40"
Donated by Bram Sorgman & Dara Mark

Sam Tan, Arboretum 6 & 7, Photo, 2012, 8"x10"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 1, Monoprint, 16"x20"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 4, Monoprint, 16"x20"

Martin Levine, Shiley's Marsh, Etching, 1975, 23"x30"
Donated by 
Sven & Kathy Tullberg

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