Wednesday, December 18, 2013

North Suffolk Mental Health Association Chelsea Clinic

North Suffolk Mental Health Association’s (NSMHA) Chelsea Clinic helps their clients achieve independence by providing a myriad of treatment and rehabilitation services.  Their goal is to provide early intervention by promoting prevention, education, and by participating in training and research. The services provided are as diverse as the individuals found in their waiting areas.  

The Chelsea Clinic has become the primary clinic for Spanish speaking families and the staff provides all psychiatric and medication services, counseling, and therapy in both English and Spanish.
Art donations help NSMHA’s Chelsea Clinic be a more welcoming and soothing environment; greeting clients warmly and reassuring that their experience will be a positive and supportive one with art that welcomes adults and children both. Donated artwork hangs in the entrance, reception area, hallways, and in group meeting rooms.

To learn more about NSMHA, visit them online at

John Borchard, Violet House, Photograph, 2003, 13"x15"
John Borchard, Brick Arch Mystery, Photograph, 2003, 13"x15"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Conversations #2, Waterbased monotype on paper, 2003, 22"x22"

Rebecca Brown, Boat People (China), Photograph, 2007, 15"x12" 
Unknown artist, Red Church, Oil on canvas12"x9"Anonymous donor 

Daniel ZiemboAcoma & OxbowLithographs197722"x30"each
Donated by 
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum's Corporate Program

Mose Tolliver, Untitled, Acrylic on found wood, 6"x21"
Donated by Harriet Finkelstein

Jack S. Goldstein, Indian Woman, Photograph, 10"x8"Donated by Nita Goldstein

Jack S. Goldstein, Italian Woman, Photograph, 14"x11"
Donated by Nita Goldstein

Jack S. Goldstein, Bombay, India, Photograph, 1971, 14"x11"
Donated by Nita Goldstein

Suzanne Hodes, Generations, Oil on canvas, 1978-79, 60"x50"

Matthew Tovian, Volleyball in Play, Acrylic on masonite, 12"x16"
Donated by Fay Mannheim
Julie Angela Theresa, Full of Empty Memories, Oil on canvas, 2010, 24"x53" 

Candy Nartonis , Untitled (Pears), Lithograph, 48"x65"

Henry Olds, Rooftiles 2, Photograph, 2010, 13"x19"

Henry Olds, Africa Bamboo, Photographic print, 2012, 19"x13"

Henry Olds, In the Grass, Photographic print, 2011, 13"x19"

Martha Jane Bradford, Pemaquid Harbor, 28 Color Silkscreen, 1989, 30"x42"
Donated by Joyce Paulson

Mike Ritter, Square Smile, C-print, 2006, 14"x9"

Michael Rizzo, Woodstock, Cape Town, Photograph, 2010, 14"x20"

Cora Roth, Sighs, Oil & acrylic, 2000, 48"x36" 
Kathryn Sanfilippo, Tatum, Oil on canvas, 2009, 48"x24"
Judith Silverstein, Retina 2112, Acrylic, 18"x24" 

Maria Termini, 7 Spot, Silkscreen, 1976, 23"x29" 
Cassandra Tondro, Study 6, Repurposed latex paint on canvas, 2008, 12"x16"

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