Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cooperative Elder Services, Inc- Arlington

Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has provided Adult Day Health and Alzheimer Day Care Services to clients in more than fifty communities in the Greater Boston area since 1979. Their Arlington Center, which provides Adult Day Health and Alzheimer Day Care Services to frail elders and disabled adults, selected artwork to contribute to the holistic approach to assist every client to maintain their highest level of functioning, to support emotional and physical independence, and to enhance overall quality of life.

Music therapy, dancing, painting, and gardening are just some of the creative activities the staff at the Arlington Center includes in their programming to provide social, emotional and physical health benefits for their participants. Even if someone has late-stage dementia, they can still connect emotionally through the visual arts. Art has provided a starting point for many elders with memory loss, who need visual cues to reminisce and engage in life review. Artwork will hang in all three program rooms, the entrance area and hallways, and in the dining room.

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 Iris Constantine Carr, Untitled, Oil, 7"x9"
Donated by Geoff Carr
Susan Heideman, Greenhouse Bags, Oil on canvas, 1976, 42"x48"

Susan Heideman, Force Field, Oil on canvas, 1987, 48"x34"

Sandy Wadlington, Afterglow, Lithograph, 2009, 15"x13"Donated by Marjorie Javan

Sandy Wadlington, Twilight (P/P), Lithograph, 22"x28"
Donated by Marjorie Javan

Marja Lianko, Falling Gently, Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 2008, 20"x24"

Mark Peterson, NEW EMERALD bow, Photograph, 2009, 25"x35"

Marcia Sewall, Iris, Oil and egg tempera, 12"x9"

Marcia Sewall, Striped Tulips, Oil and egg tempera, 12"x9"

Janet Shapero, A Moment's Grace, Rete-Chrome, 2006, 36"x20"

Anne Silber, Strawberries, Serigraph, 1989, 29"x28"

Anne Silber, A Single Tulip, Serigraph, 1988, 22"x15"

Nina Wishnok, Pantaloons, Solarplate etching with woodblock and chine colle, 2006, 10"x7"

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