Friday, June 6, 2014

Homeowner's Rehab, Inc.'s Putnam Green Apartments

Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI) is a non-profit founded in 1972, whose main goal is the development of affordable housing in the city of Cambridge.  HRI has shifted its focus from homeownership to include rental properties as a means to create new opportunities for households that cannot compete in Cambridge’s housing market. HRI’s continuing mission is to provide safe, affordable, decent, and sustainable housing.
HRI completed the construction on this new 40-unit building in 2011. It is the first new, large scale affordable housing building in the neighborhood. The development is LEED Platinum certified and is a model of energy efficiency. HRI is providing healthy, sustainable affordable housing while enhancing the community as a whole.  
The addition of original artwork donated through The Art Connection will further benefit the residents and create a better sense of community onsite. Artwork hangs in the main lobby and community room as well as on each floor by the elevators and in hallways.

To learn more about HRI, please visit

David Barnes, 1444, Color photographic print, 2013, 16"x20"

Sophie Valerie Breton, Peek-a-boo, Oil on canvas, 2011, 36"x24"

Susan Collings, Silence, Photograph, 2005, 14"x11"

Marian Dioguardi, From There to There (triptych), Gouache on digital print, 2011, 10"x18"

Frances K. Grossman, Rock in Central Park, Oil on canvas, 2009, 10"x30"

Sand T Kalloch, Sunny Days Starry Nights (Diptych), Various medium on acrylic glass panel, 2012, 5"x5"x3"/ea

Jeannie Lindheim, A Bubble House, Photograph, 2012, 8"x11"

Leslie Miller, Old North Bridge, Oil, 1992, 16"x20"

Henry Olds, Zakim Bridge in the Sky v2, Photographic montage print, 2013, 13"x19"

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985, 22"x30"
Donated by Joyce Paulson

John Stockwell, Poppies Near Arles,
Pastel over silkscreen, 1991, 31"x40"
Donated by Joyce Paulson

Irma Cerese, Untitled, A-C, Acrylic, 1973, 26"x27"/ea
Donated by 
Dr. Kaara L. Peterson

Anne Silber, Exotic Surroundings, Serigraph22"x30"

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Transparent Red/Orange), Viscosity (Unique Print), 2011, 14.5"x15.5"

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Red Orange #1), Viscosity (Unique Print), 2011, 14.5''x15.5''

Katherine Vetne, Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Crimson), Viscosity (ed. 1/2), 2011, 15''x16''

Debra Weisberg, Untitled, Acrylic wall sculpture, 1995, 25"x22"x5"

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