Friday, June 6, 2014

Fidelity House Human Services

The mission of Fidelity House Human Services (FHHS) is to assist people with developmental disabilities to participate with friends, families, and neighbors and achieve the richest and fullest life possible. Since 1971, this Lawrence-based agency has been helping people in the Merrimack Valley in three key areas: family, home, and community. Services are designed to complement each family member’s unique strengths and to empower independent choices. The staff provides case management, behavioral and educational consultation, therapy, and parent training among other services, with a dedicated team specialized in supporting the Latino community.

Artwork is installed in the entrance, hallways, three classroom and conference spaces, and in the community room. 

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Sophie Valerie Breton, Italy II, Oil on canvas, 2000, 8"x10"

Fay Chandler, Sneaking Suspicions, Mixed media, 1980, 40"x28"

Robert Gallagher, #2013, Acrylic, 2013, 36"x48"

Frances Hamilton, Blind Spot, Oil and collage on panel (diptych), 2006, 24"x36"

Suzanne Hodes, Ocean Dance, Oil and sand on canvas, 2007, 48"x34"

Suzanne Hodes, Jerusalem Landscape, Acrylic on canvas, 1979, 44"x54" 
David Kupferman, JC7-1 Sea Slide, Acrylic on canvas, 1976, 24"x44"

David Kupferman, JC2-12, Acrylic on paper, 22"x30"

Karen A. V. O'Brien, Triple Cakes, Acrylic, 2007, 12"x6"

Florence Putterman, Heart Fragments II, Lithograph, 27"x20"

Eleanor Rubin, Humoresque, Watercolor, 2004, 12"x15"

Eleanor Rubin, Rhythm of Spring, Watercolor, 2004, 12"x15"

Eleanor Rubin, Glyphs and Fire Flies, Watercolor, 2004, 12"x15"

Eleanor Rubin, Their Close But Separate Day II, Watercolor, 2004, 12"x15"

Leann Shamash, Various Threads, Photograph, 2013, 12"x18"

Janet Shapero, Hope Remains, Rete-Chrome, 2006, 36"x15"

Maria Termini, Watermelon Sunset, Silkscreen, 35"x23"

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Red Orange #3) , Viscosity (Unique Print), 2011, 14.5''x15.5''

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Yellow Orange), Viscosity (ed. 1/2), 2011, 14.5''x15.5''

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Crimson), Viscosity (ed. 2/2), 2011, 15''x16''

Stephanie Warburg, Tugboat, Oil, 2013, 8"x10"

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