Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rockland Street Elderly Housing

Rockland Street Elderly Housing endeavors to provide service-enriched independent living to low-income seniors in a safe environment. The building is located in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston and its proximity to the MBTA and other neighborhood amenities is an asset to the active seniors living there. The management offers access to community services, activities, and information. The facility is home to 45 seniors who will welcome the addition of original works of art as part of their daily lives. The building was recently renovated and the artwork now enhances the bare walls, transforming common spaces of the building to feel more like home. Artwork will be placed in the lobby, community room, hallways and in the elevator lobby of all three residential floors.

For more information about Maloney Properties, Rockland Street Elderly Housing’s management team, visit

Sophie Valerie Breton, Italy I, Oil on canvas, 2000, 8"x10"

Susan Collings, Window, Sirince, Turkey, Photograph, 2013, 11"x14"

Jeannine Cook, Medley, Watercolor, 1999, 10"x8"

Eleanor Elkin, Pet, Handwoven tapestry, 15"x11"

Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Hedges, Virginia, Photograph, 11"x14"

Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Zen Red, Photograph, 2000, 16"x20"

Frances K. Grossman, "When I take you out tonight with me", Oil on canvas, 2009, 20"x24"

Frances Hamilton, Backyard Series: March, Caran d'Ache and gouache on paper, 1992, 36"x50"

Sandy Wadlington, Untitled (279/300), Lithograph, 22"x28"
Donated by Marjorie Javan

Sandy Wadlington, Twilight (297/300), Lithograph, 22"x28"
Donated by Marjorie Javan

David Kupferman, IE11-43, Acrylic on paper, 26''x34''

David Kupferman, ID2-14, Acrylic on paper, 26''x34''

Linda Lichtman, Blue and Red Mountain, Flashed glass: acid-etched and leaded, 1999, 10"x17"
Donated by Kurt Lichtman

Aline Lotter, Farmers Market, Oil, 2010, 24"x30"

Lorna Ritz, "Mt. Norwottuck", Cray-pas oil crayon, 1994, 15"x22"

Lorna Ritz, "Mt. Norwottuck" , Cray-pas oil crayon, 1991, 15"x22"

Robert Scott, Spring Rush, Digital photograph, 2011, 18"x25"

Judith Silverstein, Triangles, Acrylic, 24"x30"

Cynthia Staples, Evening Light, Digital photograph, 2013, 18"x24"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 2, Monoprint, 16"x20"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 5, Monoprint, 16"x20"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 8, Monoprint, 16"x20"

Katherine Vetne, Bubble Strands (Yellow Orange), Viscosity (ed. 2/2), 2011, 14.5''x15.5''

Mollyne Karnofsky, Tospiras #1, Print, 1996, 11"x14"

Mollyne Karnofsky, Tospiras #2, Print, 1996, 11"x14"

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