Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Irish International Immigrant Center

The Irish International Immigrant Center (IIIC) assists immigrants from Ireland and from around the world as they integrate into American society, and with partner organizations, promotes reconciliation in Ireland. They are a vibrant, multi-service center. The staff at IIIC provides their clients with immigration and citizenship legal services, wellness and education services, learning exchange programs, and other education programs. The IIIC advocates for systemic change and facilitates cross-cultural community building. The staff believes artwork in the facility will make visitors feel welcomed and valued and that the artwork selected reflects many cultures and backgrounds.

The center is located in the lower level of what was once a bank vault. Within this very unique office space, artwork hangs in the entrance and reception areas, computer lab, education room, small conference rooms, the spacious community room (inside the old vault!) and in the program advisor areas.

Learn more about the Irish International Immigrant Center online at

John Borchard, Mirage, Photograph, 2008, 12"x12"

John Borchard, Fence in the Mists, Photograph, 2008, 12"x12"

Mary Anna Nairn, Golden Lemon Plantation, Watercolor, 15"x21" 
Donated by Anonymous

Joe Deignan, Lada #2, Photograph, 2008, 8"x10"

Caroline Di Nunzio, Supplication, Monotype, 24"x37"

Tina Feingold, Sanctuary, Oil on canvas, 2002, 90"x60"

Frances K. Grossman, Glory, Oil on canvas, 2010, 16"x20"

David Kupferman, IG8-39, Acrylic on paper, 27''x40''

Ann Miller, The Mother Ship, Collage on paper, 2011, 25"x21"

Karen A. V. O'Brien, Calypso Fish, Acrylic on canvas, 2011, 40"x30"

Renu Oconnell, Comings and Goings, Tempera, 2013, 25"x30"

Henry Olds, Along the Fence, Photomontage print on canvas, 2014, 13"x19"

Debra Olin, Gathering, Monoprint collage, 2000, 53"x32"

Michael Rizzo, Sweeper.Boston, Photograph, 2009, 15"x10"

Leann Shamash, Three Buttons, Photography, 2014, 12"x18"

 Leann Shamash, Green Tomatoes, Photography, 2014, 12"x18"

Mayo Sorgman, San Miguelle, Oil, 31"x40"
Donated by Bram Sorgman & Dara Mark

Maria Termini, Garden In the Sky, Silkscreen, 19"x25"


BPE's mission is to develop great teachers and great schools. For 30 years, BPE (formerly the Boston Plan for Excellence) has been working to ensure access to free, quality education for every student. They provide teacher preparation and development through their Boston Teacher Residency program, serving 60-70 teachers each year. They also run the Principal Partners program, which brings 150 CEOs and business leaders into Boston Public Schools (BPS) each year to shadow principals.

The Art Connection is happy to partner with BPE as an Umbrella Organization, where our art placement program will be accessed by hundreds of people gathering at BPE’s Fort Point office regularly – BPE’s Teacher Residents, non-profit partners, and BPS leaders and educators. These service providers will have the chance to see our work- and your art- in action and learn how to bring artwork to their service organizations. The art will also be a constant reminder of the importance of the arts in education.

Visit BPE online at to learn more.

Phyllis Berman, Of What's Difficult, Oil on canvas, 1992

Iris Constantine Carr, Gary, Pastel, 1999 
Donated by Geoff Carr

Ian Deleón, Isla del encanto, Mixed media, 2013

Phyllis Ewen, Thoughts on Rosa's Dream, Woodcut, 1999

Ruth Fields, Pink, Acrylic on canvas, 2011

Ruth Fields, Tell me a Story, Acrylic on canvas, 2011

Suzanne Hodes, Journey Collage, Oil and collage mixed media on paper, 1997

Faith Hyde, Friend, Mixed media on paper, 2013

David Kupferman, HJ1-8 Indian Raga Series, Acrylic on paper

David Kupferman, Sky Light IG11-2, Acrylic on canvas, 1996

Caren Loebel-Fried, Cake, Hand-pulled block print, 2014

Hans & Herta Loeser, Sander, Untitled, Ink on paper, 1964

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985 
Donated by Joyce Paulson

Lynda Ray, Untitled 4CAE Series, Oil on wood, 1987 
Donated by Joyce Paulson

Eleanor Rubin, Summer Light, Watercolor, 2004

Eleanor Rubin, Summer Light, Watercolor, 2004

Eleanor Rubin, Embracing, Watercolor, 2004

Judith Silverstein, Random, Acrylic/canvas, 2013

Maria Grazia Marzot, Le Torbici (Scissors), Watercolor, 1983
Donated by Anonymous

Maria Termini, Watermelon Sunset, Silkscreen

Maria Termini, Apple 8, Silkscreen

Verone Flood, Stop Drop & Roll, Photograph
Donated by Anonymous

Mark Hopkins, "You're It", Bronze, 1998 
Donated by Jeffery Williams

Victim Witness Assistance Program of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office handles about 50,000 criminal cases each year under the purview of the Boston Municipal Court, Chelsea District Court, and the Boston Juvenile Court. They are the largest, busiest district attorney’s office in New England. Within this Dudley Square office is the Victim Witness Assistance Program, staffed by three victim witness advocates who each have a caseload of 300 victim-related crimes and an equal number of protective orders for victims of domestic violence. They also see a large number of daily walk-in clients not involved with cases in the court system but seeking assistance. The staff provides services to crime victims and their family members including crisis intervention, assistance for protection, explanation of the court process, and referrals for medical, legal, social service, and financial assistance. 

Until this year there was not a waiting area for the Victim Witness Assistance Program. Now there is a dedicated space and donations of original artwork to offer a sanctuary for the thousands of crime victims visiting this busy and difficult place to be.

John Borchard, White Slit Window in Venice, Photograph, 2003, 16"x12"

Irma Cerese, Rock Garden #2, Acrylic, 2000, 16"x16"

Deborah Clearman, Oregon Coast, Silkscreen, 1980, 23"x18"

Deborah Clearman, Mountain Pass-After Hokusai, Silkscreen, 1982, 10"x15"

Susan C. Collings, Playing in the Street, North End, Boston, Digital photograph, 2013, 10"x8"

Aileen O. Erickson, Open Window, Charcoal, watercolor, gouache on paper, 2006, 26"x20"

Edward Glannon, Snow on the Mountain, Watercolor, 1984, 22"x29" 
Donated by: Thomas Glannon & Patrica Wiley

Frances K. Grossman, Fall, Oil on canvas, 2010, 24"x30"

Susan Heideman, Black Bottom/Black Bottom Blush, Oil on canvas, 1986, 42"x75"

Bette Frank Leahy, Blue House, Oil on canvas, 2002, 18"x20"

Caren Loebel-Fried, Apapane, Hand-pulled block print, 2014, 8"x10"

Cynthia Maurice, Glads - Red (triptych), Gouache, 37"x19"

Henry Olds, Spy Pond Sunset, Photomontage print on canvas, 2013, 12"x21"

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985, 22"x30"
Donated by: Joyce Paulson

Tatiana Roulin, Adams Farm in Bloom, Pastel, 2013, 11"x14"

Janet Shapero, From Scratch, Rete-Chrome, 22"x22"

Judith Silverstein, Blurry Rainbow, Acrylic, 18"x24"

Maria Termini, Big Rainbow Tree, Silkscreen, 29"x23"

Stephanie Warburg, Glacier Bay, Oil, 2011, 16"x20"