Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Elder Service Plan of Harbor Health

The mission of Elder Service Plan (ESP) of Harbor Health is to provide low income elders with comprehensive health care that allows them to stay in their homes as long as possible and not need to move to a nursing home. Elder Service Plan is a PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elders) program which uses an interdisciplinary team approach to comprehensive care. The ESP is home to a full clinical team (MD, NP, RN, PT, OT), behavioral health team, and program leaders who make sure seniors are healthy and have engaging activities to do. Meals and transportation services are provided.

Donated artworks now hangs in the entrances, reception areas, in the dementia unit, activities center, clinical waiting areas, and meeting rooms. Learn more about Elder Service plan online at http://elderserviceplan.org/

Placements: 2015, 2016 
John Borchard, A Multitude of May's Flowers on a Venetian Sill, Photograph, 2003, 10"x 8"

Edward Glannon, Sand Dune, Watercolor, 18"x 21"

Frances K. Grossman, Franconia Notch, Oil on canvas, 2007, 24"x 30"

Suzanne Hodes, Drag Race 1, Pastel, 1970, 18"x 36"

Faith Hyde, There, Mixed media on paper, 2007, 12"x 12"

Faith Hyde, Spring Morning, Mixed media on paper, 2013, 12"x 12"

Faith Hyde, Love at the Bus Stop, Mixed media on paper, 2005, 11"x 11"

Joan Jacobson-Zamore, Iris III, Monotype, 2013, 27"x 9"

April Jakubec, La Pomme, Acrylic on canvas, 2016, 12"x 12"

Jim Kociuba, Fall Birches, Acrylic on canvas board, 2013, 16"x 12"

Jim Kociuba, Puddle, Acrylic on masonite, 2012, 12"x 16"

Diana Korzenik, Dog in Snowy Moonlight, Acrylic on paper, 18"x 24"

Bette Frank Leahy, Red Rocks, Acrylic on canvas, 2005, 18"x 20"

Caren Loebel-Fried, Fish, Hand-pulled block print, 2014, 8"x 10"

Mark Peterson, I93 North 8, Photograph, 2010, 30"x 20"

Pamela Reynolds, Circular Argument 6, Acrylic on panel, 2010, 36"x 22"

Tatiana Roulin, Over The Ocean, Watercolor, 2003, 14"x 9"

Anne Silber, Still Life with Red Line, Serigraph, 1989, 22"x 30"

Reba Stewart, Sky & Sea landscape, Acrylic, 1968, 16"x 22"

Ellen Stutman, Red Tulips in front of Radiator, Oil on canvas, 2004, 16"x 20"

Maria Termini, Apple 9, Silkscreen, 34"x 28"

Maria Termini, Big Rainbow Tree, Silkscreen, , 29"x 23"

Nan Tull, Matins 4, Encaustic on wood panel, 2009, 20"x 20"

Clara Wainwright, Broken Bridge, Quilt, 2009, 30"x 52"

Clara Wainwright, Black Elephant, Quilt, 2015, 46"x 41"

Beth Redmond Walsh, Calm After a Storm, Oil on canvas, 2004, 40"x 40"

Muriel Angelil, San Miguel, Oil, 1996, 22"x30"

Julie Baer, Bedroom Lilies, Oil on canvas, 1989, 24"x24"

JoAnne Chittick, Bait Shop, Watercolor, 2008, 22"x24"

Deborah Clearman, Early Spring, Silkscreen, 1982, 20"x16"

Deborah Clearman, New Hampshire Trail, Silkscreen, 1980, 22"x16"

Betsy Chadwick, Gates, West Virginia, Oil on canvas, 1989, 9"x12"
Donated by: Deborah Clearman

Betsy Chadwick, Alum Cliffs, Second Creek, West Virginia, Oil on canvas, 1993, 12"x9"
Donated by: Deborah Clearman

Jeannine Cook, Autumn High Tide, Watercolour, 2006, 12"x15"

Jeannine Cook, Balsam Mountain Noctourne, Watercolour, 2008, 15"x11"

Elisabeth S. Davis, Maine Coast Gulls, Oil/acrylic on canvas board, 1965, 12"x16"
Donated by: Betsy Davis

Elisabeth S. Davis, Rowboat, Watercolor, 1970, 16"x20"
Donated by: Betsy Davis

Edward Glannon, Small Waterfall, Huge Rocks, Watercolor, , 21"x15"
Donated by: Thomas Glannon & Patricia Wiley

Jean Hause, Escape Garden, Watercolor, 2008, 16"x20" 
Susan Heideman, Pond, Oil/canvas, 1979, 42"x60"

Faith Hyde, Walking Along, Mixed media on paper, 2010, 12"x12"

David Kupferman, HD3-6, Acrylic on paper, 27''x40''

Marja Lianko, Spring #2, Acrylic on panel, 2003, 13"x17"

Susan Makin, Gladioli, Watercolor on paper, 1990, 36"x28"

Henry Olds, Martha's Vineyard Sunset, Photomontage print on canvas, 2010, 13"x19"
Tatiana Roulin, Autumn Hues, Pastel, 2013, 14"x18" 
Anne Silber, Table Setting. Part 1/2/3, Serigraph, 1987, 30"x22"/ea

Anne Silber, In Burgundy: Orange Roofs, Serigraph, 1989, 24"x30"

Ellen Stutman, Western Avenue Bridge, Oil pastel, 1983, 19"x23"

Ellen Stutman, The Weeks Bridge, Oil pastel, 1983, 19"x23"

Nan Tull, Field 2, Encaustic on panel, 2008, 20"x20"

Stephanie Warburg, Believe in Magic, Oil, 2011, 18"x24"

Stephanie Warburg, By the Seashore, Oil, 2012, 14"x11"

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