Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pine Street Inn -Walnut Ave

Pine Street Inn partners with homeless individuals to help them move from the streets and shelter to a home and assists formerly homeless individuals in retaining housing. The organization provides street outreach, emergency services, supportive housing, job training and connections to employment. In addition, they tirelessly advocate for collaborative solutions to end homelessness.

The buildings in which this important work happens range from large shelters to smaller housing environments.  Pine Street Inn’s new residential facility at 459 Walnut Avenue in Jamaica Plain has private apartment units with bathrooms and kitchenettes that give tenants a newfound sense of independence. Common areas help residents to build a feeling of community and support as they adjust to their new start. For men and women "starting over" in a new housing program, it's important that the building in which they live is close to a "home" as possible, so that these men and women can truly focus on rebuilding and restarting their lives. Art is an instrumental part of creating the right environment for this work.  Art hangs in hallways and common areas, changing the feeling of the building from institutional to “homey,” and evoking inspirational feelings and hope, helping each formerly homeless individual begin to think of and plan for the future.

To learn more about Pine Street Inn visit: http://www.pinestreetinn.org/about_us

Placement: 2016
Prilla Smith Brackett, Between #5, Oil pastel, acrylic wash on paper, 1989, 45"x 30"

Catherine Carter, Blue Squares, Acrylic on paper collaged on paper, 2009, 30"x 22"

JoAnne Chittick, Hollyhocks, Watercolor, 2005, 17"x 21"

Deborah Clearman, Snowy Morning, Silkscreen, 1980, 16"x 20"

Susan C. Collings, Local Color, Isla des Mujeres, Photograph, 2015, 14"x 11"

Frances K. Grossman, Margaretsville, Oil on canvas, 2011, 11"x 22"

Suzanne Hodes, Veterans Day Parade, Oil, 2001, 30"x 40"

Suzanne Hodes, View from Mom's Apartment with Joe, Oil on canvas, 1989, 46"x 56"

Janel Houton, Bodhi Tree - Beyond Knowledge and Death, Acrylic on canvas, 2012, 48"x 36"

Jim kociuba, Fresh Pond, Autumn, Acrylic on canvas, 2012, 12"x 16"

Jim Kociuba, Alewife Brook Sunset, Acrylic on masonite, 2013, 16"x 12"

David Kupferman, JC: 5-6, Acrylic on canvas, 2003, 30"x 30"

Jeannie Lindheim, Sail Away, Watercolor, 2012, 14"x 17"

T. Ryahui, Untitled (Blossoms), Etching, 1974, 6"x 9"

Renu O'Connell, Walkway, Tempera, 2013, 26"x 32"

Mike Ritter, Cicada Homes, C-print, 2006, 22"x 17"

Elizabeth Schaefer, Manuel Antonio Jungle, Acrylic paint on varnished paper, 2012, 27"x 37"

Anne Silber, Striped Creamer, Serigraph, 1992, 20"x 26"

Ellen Stutman, Purple Tulips in Front of Window, Oil on canvas, 2004, 20"x 24"

Sarah Sutro, Solstice, Watercolor, 1984, 27"x 49"

Alexandra Yakovleva, Puppy, Oil, 2012, 20"x 16"

Alexandra Yakovleva, Blue Mountains, Oil, 2012, 16"x 20"

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