Monday, February 6, 2017

Father Bill's & MainSpring

Father Bill’s & MainSpring is committed to ending and preventing homelessness in Southern Massachusetts with programs that provide emergency and permanent housing and help people obtain skills, jobs, housing, and services. With the mantra “Nobody should be homeless,” the organization’s goal is to help people struggling with homelessness—or at risk for homelessness—achieve self-sufficiency.
One of the most important factors in a successful transition from homelessness to housing is a sense of stability and consistency for the individual or family. To this end, Father Bill’s & MainSpring attempts to create “safe spaces” for residents and guests that feel less like shelters or low-income housing, and more like a home. The agency has been adding more permanent supportive housing units to its portfolio throughout the region (which ranges from Plymouth to Quincy) and is proud to announce the opening of Jack’s Place & Patti’s House in Brockton. The first tenants, two previously homeless families and 20 formerly homeless individuals, with priority given to veterans in 10 units, moved into this brand-new space on August 1, 2016.
Staff, interns, and new residents took part in selecting art for the hallways, community rooms, administrative offices, and stairwells of the building, which was fresh and new but lacked any personal touches.  Now art hanging throughout the building helps new tenants put past pain and uncertainty to rest and make themselves at home.

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Fay Chandler, Revolution, Mixed media, 30"x 34"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Magical Visions: Huangshan #8, Water-based carborundum monoprint, 2005, 11"x 15"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Powder Point Notebook #1, Charcoal, conte crayon on paper, 2003, 15"x 22"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Powder Point Notebook #5, Graphite on paper, 2003, 15"x 22"

Fay Chandler, Just A Moment, Painting, 1997, 41"x 25"

Peg Winther, Blue Waters, Oil on canvas,  47"x 51"

Deborah Clearman, Oregon Coast, Silkscreen, 1980, 23"x 18"

Deborah Clearman, Trailers in a Snowstorm, Silkscreen, 1979, 16"x 18"

Betsy Chadwick, Second Creek in Winter, Oil, 1990, 9"x 12"

Jeannine Cook, States of Sea, Watercolour and silverpoint, 16"x 12"

, Jeannine Cook, Noctourne, Spring Island, Watercolour, 2006, 6"x 14"

 Al Fisher, Dueling Bozos, Silver gelatin print, 1985, 20"x 16" 

Frances K. Grossman, Northern Avenue Bridge, Oil on canvas, 2005, 18"x 24"

Suzanne Hodes, Ocean Currents, Oil & sand on canvas, 2006, 39"x 40"

David R. Levitt, Curves to the Sky, Photograph, 22"x 18"

Reba Stewart, Fajardo Hills, Paint on canvas, 1969, 30"x 42"

Reba Stewart, Flowers, Woodblock print, 1955, 30"x 18" (matted)

Reba Stewart, Puerto Rican Landscape, Colored pen on paper, 16"x 20"

Candy Nartonis, Boat, Oil on board, 19"x 19"

Vicki Kocher Paret, Spaces Between #41, Gouache on paper, 1996, 29"x 36"

Cora Roth, Whispers, Oil, 2004, 48"x 36"

Anne Silber, Stargazers, Serigraph, 1987, 29"x 17"

Anne Silber, One Red Tulip, Serigraph, 1987, 24"x 30"

Anne Silber, Native American Basket, Serigraph, 1991, 21"x 33"

Willard Traub, Kepes Farm, Chromogenic color print, 2010, 17"x 22"

Ansayre, Artichoke, India ink print, 1977, 23"x 18"

Alexandra Yakovleva, North Sunset, Oil, after 2012, 16"x 20"

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