Monday, January 30, 2012

Somali Development Center

Art Placement: 2011

Somali Development Center
The Somali Development Center (SDC) serves Somalis and other African communities in Boston. SDC facilitates their clients’ access to basic resources and information, as well as providing them with skill and language training necessary to be self-sufficient such as literacy training, legal assistance, youth programs, and job search assistance. Staff work with individuals and families to help bridge cultural divides and to strengthen the Somali community by promoting mutual assistance, cultural identity, leadership, the ability advocate on their own behalf, and participate constructively in the larger community. Your art will hang in the center’s reception area, in the main hallway, and in the classroom. Visitors to the SDC will enjoy original works of art as they seek assistance to ease into their new community.

Artists: Bell, Bowers, Brackett, Cook, deLeiris, Gehring, Goldman, Goldstein, Hodes, Maisel, Miller, O’Brien, Olds, Rizzo, Sanfilippo, Schwalb, Stutman, Warburg,

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