Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spectrum Adult Day Health Program

Spectrum provides individualized programming and activities to promote positive feelings and self-esteem for participants with mild to moderate dementia. All of the donated artwork will enhance an attractive environment uniquely designed to accommodate the cognitive changes individuals with memory disorders face as their disease progresses. The lighting, colors, furniture and flooring have all been carefully and thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the visual, spatial and physical changes and challenges that individuals with all types of memory loss experience. Artwork placed in the entrance, hallways, physical therapy and social work rooms, and the activity room plays an important role in creating a comfortable and enriching environment for Spectrum's clients and families. For more information please visit www.spectrumdayprogram.org

Placements: 2011, 2015

Sophie Valerie Breton, King Protea, Oil on canvas, 2002, 12"x 24

Jeannine Cook, After the Ball, Watercolor, 1983, 22"x 30"

Jeannine Cook, Hard Aground, Watercolour, 2009, 10"x 7"

Phoebe Ann Erb, Vignette on Ticking #1, Collage mixed media, 2013, 11"x 8"

Phoebe Ann Erb, Vignette #2, Collage mixed media, 2013, 11"x 8"

Jack S. Goldstein, Italy Valley, Photograph14"x 18" 

Lynda Goldberg, Overgrown Path, Monotype, 2010, 13"x 9"

Frances K. Grossman, Cotswolds, Oil on canvas, 2013, 20"x 20"

Frances K. Grossman, Bouquet, Oil on canvas, 2009, 12"x 13"

Frances K. Grossman, Summer, Oil on canvas, 2010, 24"x 30"

Suzanne Hodes, Conversation in the Park, Oil on canvas48"x 50"

Faith Hyde, In Passing, Mixed media on paper, 2013, 12"x 12"

Faith Hyde, Waiting for the show, Mixed media on paper, 2013, 12"x 12"

Faith Hyde, I'm lookin!, Mixed media on paper, 2014, 11"x 11" 

Faith Hyde, Sisters?, Mixed media on paper, 2014, 11"x 11"

Faith Hyde, Red Hat, Mixed media on paper, 2014, 11"x 11"

Joan Jacobson-Zamore, View Over Fence, Monotype, 2008, 22"x 23"

Joan Jacobson-Zamore, Six Cats, Colored wood block, 2001, 15"x 15"

Renu O'Connell, Ticket Booth, Tempera paint, 2013, 18"x 23"

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985, 22"x 30" 

Florence Putterman, Les Coevrs I, Lithograph26"x 20"

Tatiana Roulin, Green Marsh, Pastel, 2014, 11"x 14" 

Karin E. Sanborn, Proverb, Mixed media, 2015, 18"x 24"

Anne Silber, In Burgundy: Misty Morning, Serigraph, 1988, 22"x 28"

Mayo Sorgman, Untitled (silo), Watercolor, 19"x 24" 

Ellen Stutman, The Basin, Oil on canvas, , 16"x 20" 

Maria Termini, Midsummer Night, Silkscreen, 1978, 23"x 29" 

Stephanie Warburg, A Forever Tree, Oil, , 6"x8"

Stephanie Warburg, Tree Above A Meadow, Oil, 8"x10"

Timothy Wilson, Key West Storm, Photograph, 2011, 19"x 24"


 Ken Beck, Two Big Peaches, Lithograph12"x 16" 

 Sarah Berry, Love N Happiness, Digital color photo, 2009, 10"x 8"

Rachel Ellis Kaufman, My Grandfather's Clock, Giclee print, 1992, 22"x 18" 

Rachel Ellis Kaufman, The Kitchen Pump, Giclee print, 1992, 22"x 18" 

JoAnne Chittick, Berry Man, Watercolor, 2000, 20"x 22"

 JoAnne Chittick, The White Pitcher, Watercolor, 2002, 23"x 29"

Marian Dioguardi, Wayside Mill, Oil on linen panel, 2009, 10"x 12"

Frances K. Grossman, Snowy Day In Newton Center, Oil on canvas, 2005, 20"x 24"

Frances K. Grossman, Wedding, Oil on canvas, 2005, 22"x 26"

Faith Hyde, Chic, Mixed media on paper, 2007, 11"x 11" 

Faith Hyde, Valentine's Day, Mixed media on paper, 2008, 11" x 11"

Faith Hyde, And a lot of pink, Mixed media on paper, 2011, 12"x 12" 

Virginia Boegli, Pigeon Lady, Sculpture, , 18"x 14"x 8" 

Chalda Maloff, Sapphire, Digital painting, , 7"x 5" 

Chalda Maloff, Aquamarine, Digital painting, , 5"x 7" 

Lily Z. Miao, Boston Common in Spring, Oil, 2011, 11"x 14"

Carol Monacelli, Venice - View From a Bridge, Oil on canvas, 2002, 30"x 24"

Susan Schwalb, Origins #5, Gold leaf, silverpoint, acrylic on wood, 1993, 25"x 25"

Marcia Sewall, Tulips, Oil & egg tempera12"x 9"

Mayo Sorgman, The Beach, Acrylic on canvas30"x 40"

Stephanie Warburg, The Swan, Oil, 8"x 10"

Mark Hopkins, "Jumpin", Bronze, 1998, 5"x 9"x 4"

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