Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Castle Square Tenants Organization

The Castle Square Tenants Organization, Inc (CSTO) serves the residents of Castle Square Apartments and the surrounding South End neighborhood of Boston by providing comprehensive community and social support for residents and neighbors. CSTO preserves Castle Square Apartments as affordable housing for low and moderate income residents. The organization is a strong advocate of programs and services needed to build vibrant and safe communities. As part of the recent trailblazing retrofit renovations at Castle Square Apartments, CSTO constructed a state of the art “green” three-story community center that enables them to significantly expand programming capacity and provide better services to residents and neighbors of all ages. The donated artwork hangs in the lobbies, community room, senior room, and the Technology and Youth Education Center. Artwork also hangs in Castle Square Apartments public spaces and in the CSTO main office, where social services are provided.

 For more information about Castle Square Tenants Organization, please visit http://www.cstoboston.com/

 Art Placements: 2012, 2016
Judith Austen, Amaryllis, Oil on canvas, 2006, 43"x 23"

Prilla Smith Brackett, Emergence #10, Oil on linen, 1989, 18"x 49"

Deborah Clearman, Goldfish, Silkscreen, 1980, 20"x 16"

Marian Dioguardi, Pandora's Other Box, Mixed media, digital and guaoche, 2010, 27"x 27"

Joan Jacobson-Zamore, A.R. Series X, Monotype, 2001, 24"x 18"

David Kupferman, JC6-1, Acrylic on canvas, 2003, 36"x 36"

David Kupferman, JG3-7, Acrylic on canvas, 2007, 36"x 36"

Jessica Liggero, Aerial View, Oil on canvas, 2009, 22"x 26"

Henry Olds, Old Wooden Buckets, Photomontage, 2014, 14"x 20"

Judith Silverstein, W&B, Acrylic/canvas, , 20"x 22"

Judith Silverstein, 2 Birds, Acrylic, 2016, 11"x 14"

Nan Tull, Hinge, Oil and Dorlan's wax on canvas, 1987, 26"x 26"

 Mary Sullivan, Self Portrait, Acrylic on panel, 2009, 12"x 12"

Deborah Clearman, Storm over Three Sisters, Silkscreen, 1981, 22"x 31"

Susan C. Collings, China Style, Photograph, 2012, 11"x 14"

Stephanie Parker, 10/21/99 Silver Springs, N. Kingston, RI & 10/24/99 Silver Springs,
 N. Kingston, RI, Pastel on paper, 1999, 19"x 20"

W.D. Harden, Snake Charmer, Paint on wood, 1999, 19"x 26"

Edward Glannon, Sailboats in Sunset, Watercolor, 1977, 14"x 20"

Faith Hyde, Looking In, Mixed media on paper, 2009, 11"x 11"

Faith Hyde, Isn't that an outfit, Mixed media on paper, 2011, 12"x 12"

Faith Hyde, Waiting for the T, Mixed media on paper, 2012, 12"x 12"

Faith Hyde, 3 Tone, Mixed media on paper, 2012, 12"x 12"

Steve Klarer, Dancing Rays, Digital print, 2009, 11"x 16"

Jeannie Lindheim, Fireburst, Watercolor, 2009, 21"x 18"

Susan Makin, Male-Female Interaction, Acrylic and mica on canvas, 2004, 24"x 24"

Amy McGregor-Radin, Rivulets (Orange), White line woodcut, 2003, 11"x 8"

Amy McGregor-Radin, Rivulets (Blue), White line woodcut, 2003, 8"x 11"

Silvina Mizrahi, Child World, Mixed media, 2008, 36"x 24"/ea

Michael Rizzo, Field of Sunflowers, Photograph, 2009, 9"x 15"

Cora Roth, Rose Garden, Oil, 2003, 48"x 36"

Susan Schwalb, Backyard Tulips Again, Watercolor, ink on paper, 1974, 18"x 24"

Judith Silverstein, Orangebaby, Acrylic, 2012, 24"x 18", Castle Square Tenants Organization

Judith Silverstein, Yellowline, Acrylic, 2012, 24"x 18"

Maria Termini, Bel Paese 4, Silkscreen, 1980, 29"x 23"

Cassandra Tondro, Fossil Rock, Acrylic on canvas, 2003, 24"x 24"

Cassandra Tondro, Fantazzle, Acrylic on canvas, 28"x 28"

Nan Tull, Black Rose 1, Encaustic on canvas over board, 2011, 52"x 20"

Abby R. Zonies, Flying High Dyptich, Oil, , 46"x 80"

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