Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Associated Grant Makers

Associated Grant Makers promotes the practice and expansion of effective and responsible philanthropy in Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Founded in 1969, AGM is a diverse and vibrant membership association that serves as a bridge between funders and fund applicants for better understanding, efficiency, and impact. They host workshops, classes, and welcome thousands of people through their doors each year.

 The Art Connection strives to place three donations each year in an “umbrella” organization, where other social service agencies receive service, in order to promote our artists and The Art Connection mission to potential agency recipients as well as potential Art Connection funders. Associated Grant Makers membership is currently a group of over 1800 individuals at 450 funding organizations and 625 nonprofits. Having art by artists who support Boston’s service agencies hanging in AGM’s conference room, entrance, and other meeting spaces is a great reflection of the role AGM plays and helps them to keep the arts on the table in their regular funding discussions. Learn more at http://www.agmconnect.org

David Barnes, Everglades, Color photographic print, 2011, 16"x16"

David Barnes, Fire, Color photographic print, 2010, 16"x16"

John Borchard, Fog on the River Boyne, Photograph, 2008, 23"x52"

John Borchard, Venetian Blinds in Venice, Photograph, 2003, 16"x12"

Deborah Clearman, Trailers in a Snowstorm, Silkscreen, 1979, 16"x18"

Deborah Clearman, Autumn Trailer Court, Silkscreen, 1978, 16"x20"

Madeleine Evans, Rudesheim/Oktoberfest, Gouache, 1990, 30"x23"

David Kupferman, JB1-13, Acrylic on paper, 26''x33''

Marja Lianko, Maine Landscapes # 1, Acrylic on panel, 2003, 13"x17"x2"

Carol Monacelli, Afternoon Checkers, Oil on canvas, 2000's, 24"x24"

Martha Jane Bradford, Summer Evening, 20 Color Silkscreen, 1985, 22"x30"
Donated by Joyce Paulson

Janet Shapero, Between the Lines, Rete-Chrome, 2006, 36"x18"

Cassandra Tondro, Leaf Print 3, Monoprint, 20"x16"

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  1. We love the artwork so much! It creates such a welcoming atmosphere in our new office for our Partners and Clients!